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How To: Fringe

Make the most out of Edmonton’s biggest theatre festival.

#YEG: Mapping An Incredible Journey

This writer remembers her parents' journey and the shape it had on her life.

Conversation Piece: Immense Mode

If you've been to Southgate Centre, chances are you've seen this piece.

#YEG: Coming Out Stories

A writer on the coming out stories she sees unfolding in front of her.

Conversation Piece: “Lunchbreak” by Seward Johnson

Take a seat next to this sculpture in Churchill Square

How To: Survive Festival Season

Avoid festival frustration with these tips and tricks to make your experience the best it can be.


Nearly 50 years ago, Lillian Shirt made national headlines by camping out in Churchill Square; we look back at a life of activism, and the fight for indigenous rights.

#YEG: The Clincher

Passing down a love of the Edmonton Oilers to the next generation.

Remembering Roy Leadbeater

First Person Shooter

A video game with an unexpected twist.

#YEG: Kickstart His Heart

Memories of a life in Edmonton.

Cultural Preservation

David Turnbull has a dirty job; making sure the city’s stock of public art survives harsh winters, vandals and—ahem—dog pee.
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