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Holiday Apple Martini

This fruity and herbaceous cocktail is perfect for enjoying by the fire.

Yamamoto Fizz

This cocktail, named for the Oilers rookie, is a must try.

The Pour: The Flip

This centuries-old cocktail category offers the perfect libations for Edmonton winters.

The Pour: The Alberta Mule

This new local favourite takes a traditional drink and gives it a real kick.

The Pour: Mixing It Up

Champagne can be the featured player in a whole host of cocktail concoctions.

Pour: Winter Beers

Try a new beer in time for the New Year

Herbal Remedies

Mulled wine is a tasty treat that’ll warm you up this winter

Hot and Cold

Originally created as a cold remedy, the Hot Toddy has evolved into a winter bar staple

The Manhattan

This classic drink isn’t just for men

The Proper Margarita

Forget slushy sweet drinks — this tequila cocktail is better on the rocks

Lots of Love for Wimbledon’s Drink

Popular across the pond, the Pimm’s Cup is gaining steam at Edmonton bars

Cocktail: Mojito Mojo

This refreshing Cuban drink inspires imitators, but nothing beats the traditional recipe
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