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Ingredient: Summer Squash

The versatile summer staple that even kitchen novices can use.

Ingredient: Fiddleheads

These harbingers of spring from the East Coast are gaining popularity out west.

Ingredient: Rosemary

Don't forget this herb in the kitchen

Ingredient: Fruit Preserves

Save some sunshine in a jar to brighten the winter months

Ingredient: Sweet Potatoes

Having been around for centuries, it’s no wonder these tubers spark strong nostalgia

Ingredient: Vanilla

There’s nothing plain about this tropical flavour when it’s used in savoury dishes

Ingredient: Rhubarb

This tart vegetable is abundant in Alberta — and can be included in both sweet and savoury dishes

Ingredient: Saskatoon Berries

Snap up these First Nations staples when you come across them

Ingredient: Cherries

Sometimes, these sour fruits can be pretty sweet

Ingredient: Dandelions

Put down the herbicide and pick up the salad dressing — these yellow flowers look their best on the plate

Ingredient: Ginger

You only need a pinch of this ingredient to add a kick to any dish

Ingredient: Duck Eggs

Thanks to changing tastes, these big boys are a hot commodity
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