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Style Q & AStyle Q & A

Vintage in Vogue

Whether picking out a special piece from her closet or helping a customer find the right outfit for an occasion, Angela Larson lets the history of vintage clothing shine through.

On Brand

Whether it’s through her work at an international advertising agency or through her designer clothing, Eva Polis knows how to tell a good story.

A New Classic

Alyssa Lau champions slow fashion through her e-commerce store.

Style Q & A: Investing In Style

Erik Benke’s affinity for formal wear was brought to life when he was travelling the Western Hockey League circuit. Now, as a business professional, his refined taste is evident.

Experienced Style

Jeff Grobman's signature looks are inspired by a lifetime of fashion, love, loss and success.

Style Q & A: From A Culture Of Fashion

Jelena Bojic brings her European sense of style to the prairies.

All The Right Ingredients

Ikki Izakaya owner Ayumi Yuda makes internationally influenced style seem effortless.

A Style For Change

Comfort and an epicene fashion sense send more than messages of good taste.

Style Q & A: Retro Fits

Laurie Callsen melds her fascination with the ’40s with a very modern job.

Style Q + A: Camera Ready

Dinner Television writer/producer Jason Halbauer has evolved his sense of style into something unique

Style Q & A: Planning To Impress

Jennifer Bergman arranges elegant weddings for her clients while remaining stylish herself

Style Q & A: Style on the Cutting Room Floor

Hairstylist Michael Matheson holds his grooming to a higher standard
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