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Style Q & AStyle Q & A

A New Classic

Alyssa Lau champions slow fashion through her e-commerce store.

Style Q & A: Investing In Style

Erik Benke’s affinity for formal wear was brought to life when he was travelling the Western Hockey League circuit. Now, as a business professional, his refined taste is evident.

Experienced Style

Jeff Grobman's signature looks are inspired by a lifetime of fashion, love, loss and success.

Style Q & A: From A Culture Of Fashion

Jelena Bojic brings her European sense of style to the prairies.

All The Right Ingredients

Ikki Izakaya owner Ayumi Yuda makes internationally influenced style seem effortless.

A Style For Change

Comfort and an epicene fashion sense send more than messages of good taste.

Style Q & A: Retro Fits

Laurie Callsen melds her fascination with the ’40s with a very modern job.

Style Q + A: Camera Ready

Dinner Television writer/producer Jason Halbauer has evolved his sense of style into something unique

Style Q & A: Planning To Impress

Jennifer Bergman arranges elegant weddings for her clients while remaining stylish herself

Style Q & A: Style on the Cutting Room Floor

Hairstylist Michael Matheson holds his grooming to a higher standard

Style Q & A: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Fashion has to keep up with local event planner Rowena Cui, not the other way around

Style Q & A: Jill Roszell

Fringe executive director has many outfits in her closet to go with the many hats she has to wear
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