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Just Show Up

Pushing boundaries with the local November Project tribe


Why Edmonton newcomer David Rauch decided to start an open-data movement

Not Just Another Playwright

Colleen Murphy feels right at home in her new role at the U of A

Where, Oh Where Does Your Garden Grow?

Are Edmonton’s Fresh ideas being put into practice?

Ahead of the Pack

Local designer adds sharp edges to athletic fashion trends

A Modern Family

After splitting up on and off the ice, Olympic gold medallists Jamie Salé and David Pelletier have formed a new kind of partnership

Where Winter Finds You Swell

Cool surfing draws an Edmontonian from the snowy prairies to cool waters

In Step With the Community

Griesbach salutes Edmonton's military past while keeping an eye on the future.

Mall Rat to Rap Star

Nova Rockafeller shakes off the haters to take her spot in the hip-hop spotlight.

Global W of V Jacqueline Jacek

The chocolates look almost too good to eat. With hand-painted, vibrant designs, they have a crunchy coating that snaps in your mouth, releasing distinct flavours that dance delicately with your taste buds.

Global W of V Linda Tyler

Dance Moves is fitness with a twist. It’s a complete body workout but, instead of aerobics, Tyler leads her classes with dances she has personally choreographed. 

Eating Puerto Vallarta

Leave the buffet to explore the land of tequila, pico de gallo and birria tacos
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