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2011 Design Inside the Box: L40

One of five finalists in Avenue's second annual design competition.

Riding Lessons

Ever since the Conservatives lost the federal riding of Edmonton-Strathcona to NDP MP Linda Duncan in October 2008, they’ve been fighting to get it back. With an election always a looming threat for a minority government that prides itself on its Western roots, the Tories aren’t wasting any time laying the groundwork to ensure both a real and a symbolic victory. In this fight for the riding, writer Curtis Gillespie sees not only the beginnings of the inevitable election campaign, but a bellwether for the country and a possible turning point for two parties.

Edmonton Oiler's New Voice: Jack Michaels

He's an American replacing the beloved Rod Phillips as the voice of the Edmonton Oilers. But hockey announcer Jack Michaels wants fans to know his love of the team is tried and true.

2010 Design Inside the Box: Sweet Nothing Shelf

The asymmetrical shelf from heartbreakers’ lover line is concealing, revealing and so appealing.

2010 Design Inside the Box: T-102

Tyler Vreeling brushed the dust off an old design and gave it a second life.

Is This the Most Hated Lawyer in Town?

Tom Engel has laid more complaints against police officers than any other lawyer in the province. And police have made complaints against him more than 20 times.
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