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2010 Winning Designs

The winners of Avenue's inaugural design competition finally unveiled.

Expelled From Happy Valley

Through a discreet path along the Nepali border, local author Jane Marshall braved danger to sneak Edmonton’s only Tibetan monk into his homeland after 45 years in exile.

25 Best Things To Eat - 2010

Avenue's coveted list of the 25 best dishes, ingredients and desserts the Capital Region has to offer.

Encapsulating History

Making time capsules is deeply human, and Edmonton has lots of literally buried treasures. But what will future generations make of us when our keepsakes are unearthed?

The Firkins Ghost Buster

Fort Edmonton Park’s most famously haunted house may not be so haunted after all.

Can the Left Survive?

After decades of Tory dominance, Alberta politics might be so far to the right that there’s little chance for the left

All Dolled Up

It’s easy to think you know someone when they’re in your living room five days a week. Despite the massive attention, CTV’s Carrie Doll is still your small-town girl next door.

Culture of Secrecy

Ed Stelmach promised transparency when he came to office, but somewhere along the way, the wheels fell off the accountability track.

San Diego: Much More Than Beaches

San Diego’s nightlife, museums and restaurants make it easy to forget about that little thing called the Pacific Ocean.

Lost in Transportation

The evolution of our zany road system has led to the end of a mayor’s career, a lawsuit, silly contests and endless civic squabbling — all the while leaving us puzzled in the driver’s seat.

25 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton 2009

Our first annual list of fabulous fare from local restaurants, bakeries & markets

The Kindness of Strangers

An unabashedly unscientific social experiment asks, "Can you help me?"
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