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Folksy Brown

With her heart on her sleeve and her foot in her heart, musician Colleen Brown says her recent national success is just another step.

2010 Design Inside the Box: Lounge Chair

Second-year university student Robert Faulkner stumbled on a natural talent for designing contemporary furniture.

2010 Design Inside the Box: Wormhole to Another Plane

Inspired by both terrestrial and extraterrestrial wormholes, Chris Kubash’s handmade and table is as much furniture as it is art.

2010 Design Inside the Box: Ball Chair

It’s more comfortable than it looks. In fact, designer Terry Frost says it’s like a masseur.

Encapsulating History

Making time capsules is deeply human, and Edmonton has lots of literally buried treasures. But what will future generations make of us when our keepsakes are unearthed?

Taking it to the Maxx

In just a few short years, video director Michael Maxxis has gone from parking cars to shooting stars and has become one of our city's hottest commodities.
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