Avenue Burger Challenge: The Contenders

These are the 32 burgers that will be facing off and competing for your votes.

June 28, 2017

Voting for Round One of the Avenue Burger Challenge is now open! 

The Spot: Blue Plate Diner

The Burger: Bacon and Smoked Cheddar Beef Burger

The Fixings: hand-pressed ground chuck patty, bacon, aged smoked cheddar, roasted garlic aioli, house mustard blend, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, on a brioche bun

10145 104 St., 780-429-0740, blueplatediner.ca

The Spot: The Burger Joint

The Burger: B.J. Burger

The Fixings: 7 oz. beef patty, lettuce, tomato, purple onion, white mushrooms, pickle, bacon, mozzarella cheese, Southwestern chipotle sauce

9132 23 Ave., 780-435-0008, theburgerjointedmonton.com

The Spot: The Burger’s Priest

The Burger: High Priest

The Fixings: Two beef patties, chopped lettuce, diced onion, cheese, pickle, secret sauce, non-sesame seed bun

10148 109 St., 780-760-0777 / 2125 98 St., 780-652-0529, theburgerspriest.com

The Spot: Central Social Hall

The Burger: The Ronald

The Fixings: pressed Alberta beef patty, cheese, lettuce, pickle, onions, special sauce, on a brioche bun

10909 Jasper Ave., 780-705-1900/ #290 525 St. Albert Trail, St. Albert, 780-569-5044, centralsocialhall.com

The Spot: The Common

The Burger: Umami Burger

The Fixings: house-ground flank steak patty, butter lettuce, fresh onion brunoise, pickle, thousand island sauce

9910 109 St., 780-452-7333, thecommon.ca

The Spot: Daravara

The Burger: Pimento Cheese Burger

The Fixings: 6 oz. house-ground sirloin patty, pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, house-made bread and butter pickles, secret sauce, on a crusty roll

10713 124 St., 587-520-4980, twitter.com/daravara

The Spot: Delux Burger Bar

The Burger: The Delux Double

The Fixings: two certified Angus beef patties, shredded lettuce, two slices American cheddar, sliced pickles, Delux secret sauce

Various locations, deluxburgerbar.com

The Spot: The Downtown Diner

The Burger: The Downtowner

The Fixings: beef patty, double smoked cheddar, brown sugar bacon, in-house made crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Diner sauce

10209 100 Ave., Fort Saskatchewan, 780-998-1435, facebook.com/The-Downtown-Diner

The Spot: Earls

The Burger: Bacon Cheddar Burger

The Fixings: Canadian Angus beef patty, cured bacon, vine ripened tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, mustard, on a freshly baked brioche bun

Various locations, earls.ca

The Spot: The Glass Monkey

The Burger: Burger

The Fixings: freshly ground sirloin and brisket beef patty, cooked to your preferred level of doneness, Sylvan Star gouda, tomato, lettuce, kosher dill pickle, house-made burger sauce, on a toasted brioche bun from Vienna Bakery

5842 111 St., 780-760-2228, theglassmonkey.ca

The Spot: Hart’s Table

The Burger: Hart’s Burger Stack

The Fixings: 10 oz. house-ground Alberta beef patty, crispy braised pork belly, onion rings, aged white cheddar, bacon jam, Hart’s secret sauce, Roma tomatoes, leaf lettuce, colossal dill pickle, toasted brioche bun

14229 23 Ave., 780-488-4278, centuryhospitality.com/harts

The Spot: The Hat

The Burger: Mad Hatter

The Fixings: AAA prime rib half-pound patty, pickle, lettuce, red onion, tomato, basil mayo, barbecue chips, barbecue ranch, bacon, havarti cheese

10251 Jasper Ave., 780-429-4471, thehatonjasper.com

The Spot: Hathaway’s Diner

The Burger: Burger

The Fixings: 8 oz. patty, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle, special sauce

13225 132 St., 780-488-5989, hathawaysdiner.com

The Spot: Have Mercy

The Burger: Have Mercy Burger

The Fixings: whiskey BBQ beef patty, grainy mustard, green tomato, grilled ham, pimento cheese, buttermilk fried onions, arugula, dill ranch, pickled jalapenos, on a Hazeldean country bun

8232 Gateway Blvd., 780-760-0203, havemercy.ca

The Spot: Highlevel Diner

The Burger: Ural Burger

The Fixings: house-seasoned beef patty, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, cheddar cheese, on a whole wheat bun

10912 88 Ave., 780-433-0993, highleveldiner.com

The Spot: Jack’s Burger Shack

The Burger: The Quebecer

The Fixings: 5 oz. beef patty from Lakeside Dairy, processed by D’Arcy’s Meats, lettuce, tomato, onion, Jack sauce, cheese curds, fries, gravy, buttermilk ranch, on a soft white bun

15 Perron St., St. Albert, 780-458-0055, jacksburgershack.ca

The Spot: Jack’s Drive In

The Burger: Jack’s Special

The Fixings: two beef patties, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickle, cheese, ham, and sauce

123 First Ave., Spruce Grove, 780-962-2727, jacksdrivein.ca

The Spot: Kelly’s Pub

The Burger: The Lumberjack

The Fixings: Alberta beef patty, BBQ sauce or Sriracha aioli, Swiss cheese, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, panko crusted onion ring, crispy bacon

10156 104 St., 780-451-8825, kellyspubedmonton.com

The Spot: The Local Omnivore

The Burger: Bacon Cheeseburger

The Fixings: 4 oz. fresh ground brisket patty from Pine Haven Farms, cheddar cheese, cold-smoked bacon made in-house, special sauce, on a brioche bun

10933 120 St., 780-660-1051, thelocalomnivore.com

The Spot: Local Public Eatery

The Burger: The Deluxe

The Fixings: hand-pressed griddled fresh ground chuck patty, lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon, aged cheddar, house-made rustic seeded bun

Various locations, localpubliceatery.com

The Spot: Marco’s Famous

The Burger: The Cowboy

The Fixings: beef patty, cheddar, bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce

10371 112 St., 780-425-2226, marcosfamous.net

The Spot: Metro

The Burger: Perfection Burger

The Fixings: beef patty, cheddar, ham, mushroom, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, special sauce

10250 106 St., 780-990-0704, metrobilliards.com

The Spot: MKT

The Burger: Burger

The Fixings: CAB pure chuck patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, mustard, mayo, on a toasted brioche bun

8101 Gateway Blvd., 780-439-2337, centuryhospitality.com/mkt

The Spot: The Next Act

The Burger: PB&J Burger

The Fixings: house-made beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon jam, crunchy peanut butter, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, on a brioche bun

8224 104 St., 780-433-9345, nextactpub.com

The Spot: Nikki’s

The Burger: Double Bacon Cheeseburger

The Fixings: two flame broiled patties, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle, mustard, ketchup, garlic sauce

11035 Groat Rd., westmountshopping.com

The Spot: Original Joe’s

The Burger: The A.C.E. Cheeseburger

The Fixings: two thinly pressed, griddled beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, house-made burger sauce

Various locations, originaljoes.ca

The Spot: The Provincial Kitchen + Bar

The Burger: Provincial Burger

The Fixings: hand-pressed Canadian beef patty, house-made barbecue mayo, artisan greens, tomato, red onion, pickle, smoked bacon, aged cheddar, sauteed mushrooms, on a brioche bun

#160, 4211 106 St., 780-760-1937, provincialpub.ca

The Spot: Rockin’ Robyn’s

The Burger: Rockin’ Burger

The Fixings: house-made patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, relish, pickle, cheddar, bacon, onion rings and sauteed mushrooms

16604 109 Ave., 780-756-5656, rockinrobyns.com

The Spot: Route 99

The Burger: Deluxe Burger

The Fixings: beef patty, mushroom, bacon, cheese, egg

8820 99 St., 780-432-0968, facebook.com/Route-99-Diner

The Spot: Skyhigh Burgers

The Burger: Spicy Cheese Burger

The Fixings: ½ lb. Angus beef patty, cheddar cheese, Cajun seasoning

220 Lakeland Drive, Sherwood Park, 780-400-9900, skyhighburgers.com

The Spot: Soda Jerks

The Burger: The Doris

The Fixings: 1 lb. of 100% ground chuck, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo, processed cheese, bacon, fried egg, on two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches

7231 Winterburn Rd., 780-306-7706/ 16616 95 St., 587-521-9311, sodajerks.net

The Spot: Sugarbowl

The Burger: Beef Burger

The Fixings: beef patty, cheddar, honey-dill aioli, tomato, lettuce, pickle, red onion

10922 88 Ave., 780-433-8369, thesugarbowl.org


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