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1. The Dirt on Dirt
Find out why terroir matters so much.
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2. Ingredient: Turmeric
If this colourful spice isn’t a staple in your kitchen yet, it should be
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3. Ingredient: Jackfruit
This fruit is filled with nutrients — and is a surprisingly good substitute for meat.
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4. Consider The Pickle
House-made preserves are now the norm, not the exception, in Edmonton.
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5. Ingredient: Rose Hips
While you may not have used them in your own kitchen, rose hips grow abundantly in Edmonton’s ravines and river valley.
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6. Wine Blends
You may be surprised to find out just how many grape varieties are in your glass.
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7. Ingredient: Scapes
You’ve obviously tried garlic before, but what about this particular variety?
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8. Ingredient: Lardo
Your new reason to never cut the fat.
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9. Ingredient: Summer Squash
The versatile summer staple that even kitchen novices can use.
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10. Holiday Bottles
‘Tis the season for busy social calendars — and more reasons than ever to serve or gift a great bottle of wine.
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11. Build Your Own Pizza
Five minutes after you made your order, you’re sinking your teeth into a freshly-baked slice.
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12. International Holiday Sweets
Seasonal treats from around the world.
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13. Linked In
Sausage is moving back into the mainstream
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14. Made in Canada
Rather than going international, these restaurants are curating a wine list that focuses on Canadian offerings.
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15. Beyond The Grape
The Alberta cottage wine industry is booming — but owners are cultivating farms, not vineyards.
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16. A Champagne By Any Other Name
When it comes to bubbly, there are more options than you may think.
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17. Fine Dining, Delivered
With food-ordering apps in ample supply, do the higher-end meals hold up?
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18. Ingredient: Seitan
If you’re looking for a vegetarian meat alternative that isn’t tofu, try this out.
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19. Fantasy Island Drinks
Tiki drinks are making a big comeback.
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20. The Price of Service
More restaurants are opting to eliminate tipping entirely — but will the strategy work in the long term?
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