BLU'S got a facelift at just the right time

Edmonton’s iconic women’s clothier has a new look for a new downtown

When news broke that Rogers Place was coming to downtown Edmonton, everyone around here agreed that it would revitalize the core — but few anticipated how wildly successful it would be.

Kerry Tham, one of the owners of BLU’S, was one of those people who saw it coming. And the BLU’S team prepared for it with a full renovation of their store.

“The downtown revitalization has brought so many more people here,” said Tham. “And first time visitors to BLU’S. Our store has never seen so many new faces.”

That’s not to say that BLU’S at Manulife Place doesn’t cater to the business crowd because it most certainly does. Unlike many other multi-location clothing stores, BLU’S has different buyers in each of their stores. Knowing that most of the customers at the Manulife Place BLU’S are working women, their selection features more professional pieces women can wear from desk to drinks.

A change for the times.

“In the ’80s when we opened,” says Tham, “the style of suits were more boxy with double breasted cuts and shoulder pads. Our customers were the first major wave of women to graduate from college and enter the workforce en masse — they wanted to emulate the masculine style. But that’s not the case now. Women today want to feel professional and express their own sense of feminine style. We’ve responded to that with our clothes, and now with the look and feel of our store.”

But no change to the address.

We asked Ms. Tham what she liked best about being in Manulife Place. Without hesitation, she pointed to the intimacy she feels with the property managers and the other tenants, and also to the uniqueness of what shoppers find here.

“Manulife Place says they’re ‘Exclusively Edmonton,’ and they back it up. You won’t find big chains here. You’ll find boutique shops like ours, and pieces you won’t find anywhere else ¾ not even at other BLU’S locations.”

Ms. Tham also referenced the tight-knit relationship she has with other store owners. “When we reopened, many of our neighbours sent us flowers. You’d NEVER get that at a main stream cookie cutter mall.”

Open for business.

On October 18th, BLU’S held their official grand opening party. It was a gorgeous event in a gorgeous new store filled with gorgeous clothes. But don’t worry if you missed it. The store’s open now and Ms. Tham et al. are ready to put you in a bit of Exclusively Edmonton style that only they can deliver.

Manulife Place
10180 101 St. NW, Edmonton

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