Inspiring #YEG's Food Culture: Nutritious Meals are Becoming a Thing of the Present

It’s time to end the spell of bad eating habits in Edmonton.

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Edmontonians have a lot on their plates, from balancing work to raising children. After a busy day, most people find themselves asking the same old question, “what’s for dinner tonight?” An alternative to thinking up a quick dinner and running to the grocery store for the necessary ingredients sounds appealing. Without a scheduled meal plan of food preparation, cooking in the kitchen will be a thing of the past.

Many Canadians spend more time at work than at home, pressing them to look for time-saving alternatives that work with their busy lives. The problem some fail to realize is that eating out at restaurants is more expensive than buying groceries and preparing meals at home. In addition to saving money, cooking meals at home is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and it can help people achieve a healthy body weight. The long-awaited solution that offers a time-savvy, cost-effective and healthy alternative is here.

Meet Maria, the director of Cook. Eat. Repeat., a local meal kit delivery service. She is ready to change the way Edmonton looks at home cooked food. As a Registered Dietitian, she began to realize that most of her clients didn’t spend much time preparing food, and the guilt of feeding their families frozen dinners was overwhelming. 

“I began thinking about how I can combine my skills and passion for nutrition to help people eat healthily, enjoy home cooking again, get out of the recipe rut, and add a healthy touch to their diet. I’m a proud Albertan and eating and buying locally is very important for me. We need to invest into our economy to thrive as a province. That’s when I had an idea to create this type of service for Edmontonians.”

Meal kit delivery services are on the rise globally to address the issue of home cooking, making it more convenient for consumers. Although it is becoming a trend in the United States and Europe, meal kit delivery services are a new concept in Alberta. The Canadian food industry, in general, was slower to respond to this need until a few companies in Ontario opened a few years ago.

Cook. Eat. Repeat.’s website launched this month, and now Edmontonians can add the experience to the city’s diverse food culture. The company is partnering with local farmers and purveyors to fulfill food orders. A variety of twelve unique recipes will be available each week. Pre-portioned ingredients are hand-delivered in refrigerated boxes to a customer’s front door, helping them to cook weeknight dinners in 30 minutes or so. 

A balanced home cooked dinner should become a part of the culture of every family. Maria’s formal education in human nutrition inspired her to design a business that would not only provide Albertans with a tasty dinner but promote health, wellness and inspire Alberta residents to raise a new generation of healthy eaters and #YEG foodies.

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