Published Aug 20th, 2013

By Steven Sandor

Beer and Muscle Cars

The manliest of meals

Photo by Steven Sandor.
Photo by Steven Sandor.

The Beer Revolution brand has expanded from its Calgary base to Edmonton’s Oliver area. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the restaurant is the number of males to females, which is about the same as a Rush concert. When my dining companion (also a male) and I arrive, we calculate the men-to-women ratio at about 10 to one.

Throughout the bar, there are display panels, which look like the boards you’d find at the airport. But, instead of planes’ arrival and departure times, they indicate the 24 beers the bar currently has on tap. Below the beer list, sports scores and news headlines scroll by.

The menu definitely has the carnivore in mind. We start with the BBQ beer ribs, which come with a pale yellow apple-butter barbecue and beer mustard. I’m used to ribs being served with sticky, sweet sauce, but this light dressing is different — it’s tangy and subtle. 

My companion goes with the Blazing Saddle pizza, a massive flat-crust square loaded with hot peppers, blackened steak and a mountain of breaded, fried onions on top.

Beer Revolution makes a selection of sausages in-house. So I go with the wild boar longaniza; it’s an earthy flavour that’s enhanced by the sweet bacon remoulade and, yes, a mountain of fried onions and arugula. Potatoes and carrots or fries are served on the side, but both are overshadowed by the awesomeness of the sausage-and-remoulade combo.

A meal at Beer Revolution made me feel a lot more manly. Now, to find me a muscle car. (11736 104 Ave., 780-430-4677,

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