Published Oct 15th, 2012

By Omar Mouallem

Cocktails and Loud Music, and Naan?

Naan-o-licious fulfills those late night cravings

With a name like Naan-o-licious, it’s obvious this late-night “Naan Bar” is having fun (though its elegant interior doesn’t quite fit the signage). This new venture from the Kapur family’s ever-growing New Asian Village chain, which now includes Haweli, is all about putting twists on Indian and Pakistani street food, with oven-baked Indian flatbreads getting the centre of attention.

You can find them in pizza form, such as pepperoni and mushroom, in panino form with roast beef, or in zany desert flavours like baked cherries or apple caramel, which basically marries homemade pie and pizza.

There’s also the coconut naan, which has a built-in fan base of festival-goers who chase the moan-inducing treat at its food truck. It’s stuffed with soft shreds of the fruit and oozes with honey, but for something less sweet and heavy, the cinnamon naan is delicious.

The rest of the menu runs the gamut from surprisingly good butter chicken fries that could convert poutine fans, to authentic malai tikka, a wholesome blend of spiced chicken marinated in coconut milk, fresh cilantro and chunks of seasonal vegetables in a crispy lentil basket.

Don’t overlook the Mystical Mushrooms, hot breaded balls of curried, garlicky mushrooms — it’s  the best thing on the menu. And there’s another mystical concoction worth unveiling: Mystic India, a cobalt refreshment that conceals vodka under cranberry and lychee juices. (10331 82 Ave., 780-705-5570)  

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