Published Jan 10th, 2013

By Steven Sandor

Shared Space

At the Westin, two spaces come together to form an elegant restaurant

Photograph provided by the Westin
Photograph provided by the Westin

If you’re in the lobby of the downtown Westin, you’ll no doubt see the tables arranged near the front desk, creating an airy lounge not unlike what you’ll see in a lot of high-class hotels. But peek to the left, and you’ll also find an  elegant dining room that you probably hadn’t noticed before, no matter how many conferences you have attended at the Westin. The two separate areas share a menu, forming a restaurant aptly named, Share.

Offered on both sides of the wall, the Share menu is diverse and interesting enough that the space should be thought of as more than just a hotel restaurant. In fact, the Korean BBQ burger alone makes it worth checking out for a business lunch.

What makes the burger so great? It’s a playful, Asian take on a North American classic. Instead of a patty, Korean style barbecued beef makes up the protein component. And instead of lettuce, tomatoes or pickle, kimchee is the condiment of choice. This isn’t a mild dish; the spice builds with each bite. But it’s ambitious and worth a try. Have it with the fries — I haven’t decided if Share or Manor Casual Bistro makes the best fries in the city. But, both are so outstanding, it would be a close battle. Also worth a try is the wildflower honey mushroom soup. The earthy cream soup is given a sweet flavour from the honey along with decadence by the white truffle oil. While mushroom soup is a standard on most menus, it’s anything but boring at Share. (10135 100 St., 780-493-8994,

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