Published Jan 21st, 2013

By Caleb Caswell

Simply Fantastic Pho

The Phat Noodle keeps their pho simple and delicious

The unassuming pho restaurant, The Phat Noodle, in Edmonton’s downtown core, is simplicity incarnate. After taking in the stripped down décor, you’ll notice the even slimmer menu consisting of five appetizers, six styles of pho, and three specialty dishes. And that’s all you’ll ever need.  

You get a sense of The Phat Noodle’s philosophy — making classic dishes from high-quality ingredients — from the appetizers alone. The chilled crispness of fresh napa cabbage blends beautifully with the tasty burn of sweet chili in the kimchee, a refreshing juxtaposition when paired with any of the savoury blends of pho. And the taste of scallion in the green onion cakes, a fairground favourite, takes a backseat to the unbelievably supple dough.

When it comes to the main dishes, the house special crispy fried chicken is bravely unembellished, served on a bed of white rice with thinly sliced carrots and cucumber on the side. Like the green onion cakes, the beauty of the dish is in its texture, consisting of a tender crunch filled with moist chicken.

However, if you’re coming in from the cold for your lunch break, the spicy beef noodle soup is hot enough to leave a low burn on the back of your tongue, but is nothing a sip of green tea can’t reset. Quick, inexpensive, and fresh, The Phat Noodle doesn’t spend its time reinventing the wheel, just perfecting it. (10347 Jasper Ave., 780-425-8688,

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