Published Sep 27th, 2013

By Avenue Staff

The Buckingham

A menu that bucks the norm

“Whyte Gets Weird,” reads the promo material for The Buckingham, a newly opened pub and restaurant on Whyte Avenue. Priding itself on being weird might not seem like the best idea for a new dining destination. But The Buckingham has its own brand of “weird,” which simply means adopting a less mainstream approach to the Edmonton bar scene. The pub provides a new home to a crowd less concerned with blaring Top 40 music and more interested in an atmosphere where conversation isn’t screamed out from five inches away. But the weirdness doesn’t stop there: The pub breaks away from the norm with a shuffleboard table prominently set near the back patio, a menu featuring interesting pub fare such as bacon-wrapped asparagus and a vast array of vegan and vegetarian food options. In short, The Buckingham gives those with less mainstream tastes an avenue to drink, be merry and eat, all under one roof.  Weird. (10439 82 Ave., 780-916-1557)

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