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Party Crasher: Avenue's 2010 Top 40 Under 40

40 reasons to crash our own party.

Mike Anderson

He has created a niche working with TV personalities, athletes and rock stars to generate celebrity-driven buzz for marketing campaigns.

Chris Andrew

He encourages musicians to stay in Edmonton to find success — and he leads by example.

Amanda Babichuk

She knows when it's time to shift her focus. "You need to recognize when it's time to go big or home. You have to adapt."

Paul Bellows

He's an independent folk-rock musician who parlayed a computer hobby into an internationally recognized web development company.

David Benjestorf

He's a driven local lawyer who took an unlikely day job to build entire neighbourhoods in Edmonton: "It was like jumping into the deep end and hoping you could swim, but I knew that I could swim."

Chris Bolivar

He has merged marketing and political science savvy to create one of the largest, fastest-growing and youthful advertising agencies in Edmonton.

Darren Bondar

He took a eureka moment and built it into a national retail chain with 21 locations across Canada.

Terrena Boss

She helps make art education accessible to everyone and the Edmonton arts community more connected.

Michael Brechtel

He's an advertising whiz and a tireless community organizer with an eye on shaping Edmonton's future through interVivos, artsScene Edmonton, TEDxEdmonton and Reboot Alberta — all of which he co-founded.

Chris Buyze

He is a leader in the sustainable practice of building homes with straw bales, attracting clients in Alberta and B.C.

Chris Check

He has taken Pedalhead from a bike shop to a bike institution, not only getting people on two wheels, but also getting them to explore the city through its trails.

Dave Cournoyer

Through his blog, he uses the web and social media tools to help close generation gaps in the political, health-care and literary sectors by making it easier for younger generations to join discussions that are reshaping our city and province.

Chris Craddock

Keeping his finger on the pulse of the time. "I'm a political animal and a political artist."

R.J. Cui

He's a musical sensation abroad and a humble helper at home, giving at-risk youth a microphone with which to express themselves.

Mark Fitzsimmons

He has combined his fascination with human behaviour and his marketing savvy to give this family business a multinational presence.

Fish Griwkowsky

He stimulates and promotes Edmonton's independent creative scene by writing about it, participating in it as an artist, mentoring emerging artists and mobilizing groups to make the city more artistically rich and diverse.

Alexandra Hatcher

Since volunteering for the Winnipeg Art Gallery in her early 20s, she has risen steadily through the ranks of Canada's cultural institutions. She is now at the helm of Alberta's museum sector, ensuring the province's museums remain sustainable, relevant and accessible.

Jonathan Huntington

He has an endless store of energy and a head full of ideas about how to attract more people to the track at Northlands Park, helping to preserve an old sport many have given up on.

Laura Keegan

Even after being taken hostage and contracting malaria, she remains committed to humanitarianism, teaching youth about international issues and helping refugees and immigrants find displaced loved ones.

Ted Kerr

Through his art, activism and community organizing, he has been reclaiming the word "queer" and using it proudly to represent anyone or anything that challenges the status quo.
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