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More »Top 40 Under 40 2011

Rowena Manansala

In addition to helping countless at-risk youth engage in responsible lifestyles, she also promotes Edmonton’s cultural identity through fashion initiatives.  

Cam Linke

He’s helping make Edmonton an entrepreneur-friendly city, so it can thrive in future markets.

Kyle Kasawski

Arguably Alberta’s most influential solar-power advocate.

Jeff Johnston

He finds solutions to every problem, whether it’s creating a fish maze for a zoologist or making something useful out of scraps of lumber. 

Lauren Hughes

For cultivating Edmonton’s hairstyling creative class.

Todd Babiak

Through his columns, novels and, maybe soon, a feature film, he tells Edmonton’s story to itself and the world.  

Christy Holtby

For cultivating a new generation of philanthropists through the use of online fundraising strategies.

Chris Hayduk

He lives, works and volunteers in the Parkdale community, actively making the community safer and stronger. 

Dawn Harsch

She breaks from traditional practices, and prefers serving people on the front lines rather than through the bureaucracy.  

Fiona Farrell

She’s a tireless champion for Edmonton’s marketing industry.

James Dean

He looks beyond profit margins to help underprivileged people who would otherwise not have access to physical therapy.

Tannis Davidson

Through her dedicated support of Canadian designers, she put her company on the national fashion retail map.

Diana Davidson

She’s turned a personal involvement in books into a mission to increase library access and literacy for all Albertans.

Daniel Costa

He uses his religious commitment to food and expertise in Italian cuisine to push Edmonton’s culinary envelope.

Josh Classen

He has used his popularity to help numerous charities including World Vision, Hats for the Homeless and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Alexander Clark

He’s become a world leader in research for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease by focusing equally on the human mind and body.

Kori Chilibeck

He created a first-world business to help third-world countries. 

Darren Caul

He is pioneering a new crime strategy to ensure safer neighbourhoods in Alberta through partnerships with various levels of government, police and communities. 

Christine Causing

Causing played a key role in turning Edmonton’s NextGen into a City-funded program, and has helped sustain it through the years.  

Maurizio Capano

He fosters young talent in a corporate culture and passes on the lessons he's learned to emerging engineers and project managers.

Jaggi Rao

He has broadened the depth of his field by training new residents, developing protocols and creating ways for more patients to gain access to specialist care.
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