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Top 40 Under 40 2015

Bailey Sousa

She’s bringing academics and business together at the University of Alberta and helping to make the post-secondary institution less dependent on public funding.

Brandy Yanchyk

Through her work as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, she sheds light on the issues, stories and people that make up our environment, and shares them on the world stage.

Cameron Franchuk

He’s dressing up Edmonton through buildings and public spaces, and helping the next generation of civil engineers get started.

Carri Boulton

She’s working hard to make Edmonton — and Alberta as a whole — a safer, healthier place for kids.

Claire Edwards

Her work, leadership and passion for change have helped give Edmonton youth a voice in local government and LGBTQ youth across Alberta a more inclusive and safe environment.

Clifton Lofthaug

He is changing attitudes about alternative energies in oil-rich Alberta and helping people harness the power of the sun in their own homes.

Darren Cunningham

He’s making cool furniture out of reclaimed wood for high-profile clients while also raising money to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

Dennis Cuku

He demonstrates that free enterprise doesn’t have to come at the expense of human values, environmental sustainability and personal happiness.

Dr. Alexander Yeh

He’s revitalizing dental practices across the entire Capital Region, while also putting smiles on the faces of low-income Edmontonians by making dental care more accessible.

Dr. Amer Hussain

Even after becoming a successful orthodontist, he still finds time for philanthropy and providing free dental care to the needy.

Dr. Ryan Oland

He’s not only helping save patients’ lives in the emergency room, but he’s also trying to find ways to attract doctors to rural areas that badly need them.

Dr. Tejas Sankar

Even though he is young, he is one of the leading neurosurgeons in the city, looking to make advances in fighting diseases that have devastating effects on families.

Farren Timoteo

He has helped Alberta Opera continue to thrive while extending his reach and raising the profile of Edmonton’s theatre scene beyond city limits.

Frederick Kroetsch

He is telling Edmontonians’ stories in positive ways that he hopes will inspire others to make changes for the better.

Gayla Grinde

She is using her training as an occupational therapist to help children who have been abused.

Harry Sunner

After coming to a new country and entering a sector he knew nothing about, he has built his company into a major player.

Heather Logan

She’s using innovative technology to improve the outlooks for patients suffering from diseases affecting their heads and necks.

Jennifer Grimm

Even after 16 years in business, she is staying on the cutting edge of the beauty industry and continuing to build a fiercely loyal customer following.

Jesse Kupina

He’s working to make a positive impression for the bars and nightclubs that his company operates, making sure employees and patrons are safe.

Karen Slater

She’s challenging perceptions of disabilities by offering programs that encourage physical activity and healthy living.

Kris Andreychuk

He’s on the ground floor of several community initiatives to reduce crime in the 118th Avenue area.

Lalitha Taylor

She’s helping educate Edmontonians about nutrition and how to be their healthiest selves.

Leslie Weigl

She’s passionate about inspiring the next generation of global leaders to tackle difficult problems from cross-cultural perspectives.

Lorne Webber

He is giving post-secondary students with disabilities the tools they need to succeed while serving as an example of what they can achieve.

Mary Pinkoski

She is capturing the essence of Edmonton through her poems and sharing her art form in places you’d least expect to find it.

Melissa Hladyshevsky

She founded a choir that accepts people with all types of disabilities and all levels of vocal talent.

Miki Stricker-Talbot

She’s crunching the numbers to find out how to make Edmonton streets vibrant and alive at night while keeping revelers safe.

Miranda Jordan-Smith

She is leading a 108-year-old organization into the future and ensuring that animals in Edmonton get chances to find their forever homes.

Nik Kozub

He is not only achieving success with his own band, but he is fostering that same success in young musicians through his label and work as a sound engineer.

Not Slowing Down

Todd Janes and Shannon Scott aren’t resting on their Top 40 laurels — they continue to push forward in their respective fields

Paula Cornell

She is changing the way homeless people are helped in Edmonton, giving them not only the tools to better their situations, but also senses of their values.

Rohit Gupta

He’s making a name for himself in the Edmonton real-estate development market while also giving back to numerous charities.

Ryan O’Flynn

He is using his highly refined culinary techniques to change the way people think about Canadian cuisine, and winning plenty of awards along the way.

Sarah Chan

She uses her influence, passion and energy to support various charitable causes throughout Edmonton, ensuring that the future of the city is brighter for those less fortunate.

Saylish Haas

She’s adding to Old Strathcona’s growing culinary scene, not only with her ventures, but by taking an active role in pushing decision-makers to take action for small businesses.

Serge Belair

He’s establishing himself as one of Edmonton’s finest up-and-coming young chefs, blending creativity with practicality in managing a kitchen that can churn out thousands of meals a day.

Sunil Nakai

He has helped Edmontonians see their city in a new light via a series of illumination projects that include the Muttart Conservatory and the High Level Bridge.

Svetlana Pavlenko

She is helping seniors of all nationalities and faiths live fuller and richer lives while also bridging the gap between generations.

Thomas Holmes

He is an advocate for mental health among students from kindergarten to Grade 12, ensuring they’re in the right headspaces to succeed in their education.

Top 40 Under 40 2015

Celebrating Edmonton's best and brightest young leaders

Top 40 Under 40 Judges

The five judges that determined the 2015 Top 40 Under 40

Tyler Waye

He’s bootstrapping a career as a leadership coach and helping young people find their own paths.

Vivian Abboud

She’s helping guide the future of language education in Alberta and providing opportunities for immigrant women to succeed.
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