Eat This Now: Cookies and Cream 'Rollies'

Farrow’s been stepping up their pastry game, and we 100% support any hybrid pastries like this one.

October 10, 2017

Farrow isn't exactly the new kid on the block — the sandwich spot earned a devoted following at its teeny original location in Garneau. When it expanded and set up a new, larger Ritchie location, in addition to serving up the delectable sandwiches Edmontonians had come to know and love, Farrow added a little something new to the mix — a pastry program and pastry chef crafting treats to enjoy alongside your coffee. And you’ll find more than just your typical muffins on their pastry menu.

For example, their ‘pufftarts’ may peak your curiosity — they’re puff pastry treats with various fillings, like rustic, homemade pop tarts. However, the one treat that everyone has been buzzing about is the ‘Rollies’ — a hybrid cinnamon bun concoction that you absolutely need to try.

Now, there’s a reason that so many brunch spots and cafes have a cinnamon bun on their menu — they’re the perfect decadent treat for making your morning extra special. Whether you’re splitting a super-sized bun with a friend or enjoying a single-serving treat yourself, the popularity of the cinnamon bun is undeniable. Farrow’s ‘rollie’ takes all the best parts of a cinnamon bun and elevates it — plus, it introduces a few outside the box flavours that you won’t typically find in the pillowy breakfast treat.

Take the Cookies and Cream rollie, for example. Instead of being dusted with a buttery cinnamon mixture, the dough is brushed with cookie crumbs before being rolled up. Then, the entire thing is covered with a rich, tangy cream cheese icing, and sprinkled with even more cookie crumbs. It’s a filling bun — you may want to split this one — and we can hardly wait for the pastry chef to experiment with even more flavours of this hybrid concoction.

8422 109 St., 780-757-4160/ 9855 76 Ave., 780-757-0132,

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