Eat This Now: This Downtown Spot's Egg Yolk Raviolo Cannot Be Missed

Bar Bricco has a wide selection of salumi and formaggi — but the delectable egg yolk raviolo has become their unofficial signature dish.

September 19, 2017

photography by Curtis Comeau

Chef Daniel Costa’s Bar Bricco has become known as the perfect spot downtown for having a glass or two of wine and sharing a few bites with friends. After all, that’s the concept of the spuntini bar — a place to pop in for a few small plates. And the menu certainly doesn’t disappoint — there’s house-made porchetta and classic prosciutto, cheeses from various regions in Italy paired with condimenti such as the sweet yet sharp and earthy truffle black pepper honey. Pair it with some crisp grissini and flavourful fettunta, and we could wax poetic for hours. However, there’s a particular dish on the spuntini menu that has become Bar Bricco’s unofficial signature dish. It’s the dish that we’re fairly certain would cause Edmontonians to revolt, were it ever to be removed from the menu. We’re talking about the egg yolk raviolo.

On paper, it sounds deceptively simple — one large raviolo, filled with egg yolk and ricotta and topped with parmigiano and sage. The excellence is in the execution. You receive one large raviolo, and when you cut into the creation, the rich yolk pours out, coating the pasta. The cook on the yolk requires incredible precision — you don’t want a runny mess, but you also don’t want an overcooked yolk. The combination of egg and cheeses creates an incredible decadent dish, and we’re just warning you — it’s so good that you may not even want to share this one with your dining partners.

The egg yolk raviolo proves that sometimes, simplicity is key — high quality ingredients and flawless execution yield a dish that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

10347 Jasper Ave., 780-424-5588,


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