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Reaching active, affluent and sophisticated consumers in two of Canada’s most dynamic cities, Edmonton & Calgary, Avenue showcases each city’s architecture, personalities, arts, fashion, food and design. Avenue Edmonton is published by Odvod Publishing, a partnership between Odvod Media and RedPoint Media.

Since 2006, Avenue has been Edmonton’s premier lifestyle magazine. As a brand, Avenue has grown to include signature programs including Top 40 Under 40 and Best Restaurants, as well as a comprehensive digital presence.

When celebrating the magazine’s 10th anniversary in 2016, founding publisher Orville Chubb said, “We felt confident that a lifestyle magazine could be a lightning rod for all things good in Edmonton. And that was the original vision and still is today.”

Avenue Edmonton has developed an excellent reputation and strong following of loyal readers for its award-winning, intelligent and thought-provoking perspectives on the people, culture and lifestyles that define our city.

Avenue is published monthly and is free for pick up throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Avenue Magazine. For Discerning Readers.


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