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Take runway spring styles to inspire your spring style.

Corneliani jacket, $1,695, Stenstroms shirt, $265, Luigi Bianchi Mantova pants, $225, Private collection pocket square, $25, from The Helm.

While Edmontonians aim to shed their heavy coats, the biggest trends in spring fashion are popping up across the city’s malls and boutiques. This season has seen a resurgence of classics such as denim, chiffon and floral prints alongside some of the more non-traditional seasonal offerings. The looks showcased in fashion weeks from New York to Paris were all about time-honoured cuts in new and exciting interpretations. Spring is a season of rejuvenation and, with a few key investments, you can cultivate a wardrobe that will make winter seem like a distant memory.

01 Men’s


Matinique shirt, $109, Matinique blazer, $349, Knken bag, $85, SA leatherworks belt, $69, J. Shoes shoes, $238, Docker pants, $75, from Jaisel; Tino Cosma tie, $119, from Derks

The biggest names in men’s fashion have returned to college for spring session. The runways this season were filled with looks reminiscent of the classic silhouettes of the Ivy League elite, but playful colour combinations and modern tailoring are updated for 2015.

Suit separates are a great way to get double duty, mixing and matching pieces for unique and personalized looks. It was once believed that blues and greens don’t pair well together, but designers and stylists have embraced the coupling as one of spring’s standout styles. The two shades work well as a base to a spring wardrobe because they act as neutrals against this season’s bright colour palette. The key to attempting this look is to limit the amount of colour that you add to the mix. Additional prints – such as those on a shirt or tie – should be tonally similar to your jacket and pants in order to keep things polished. To finish off the look, ground it in light neutrals like white and tan to keep it seasonally appropriate.

*Styling Tip: Try swapping out your messenger bag with a backpack for spring. The grade-school classic is seeing a major fashion resurgence this year and, with a wide variety of colours and patterns from which to choose, it is an easy way to add a unique element to your overall look.

02 Men’s


Quality denim is a must-have for every man’s wardrobe. A great pair of jeans or a denim jacket can act as a base for a timeless casual look, but designers this season have taken an almost obsessive approach to the versatile textile. Everything from shirts to vests and blazers have been featured in an array of washes and weights, making denim spring’s most coveted material.

More daring men may choose to incorporate several denim pieces into one outfit, such as those showcased by designers like Tom Ford and Paul Smith. The tip for avoiding the fabled Canadian tuxedo is to pair items in different shades or washes of denim together. If you are wearing a darker jean, then offset your shirt with a light wash chambray to keep the look modern and fashion-forward.

Outfit Grid (Clockwise top left): Matinique micro dot shirt, $129, from Jaisel, AMI vest, $385, The Helm, Nudie Jeans jacket, $199, from Jaisel, Fidelity Denim jeans, $289, from Derks, Glendon Lambert tie, $99, from Derks, J. Shoes shoes, $199, from Jaisel, Taccaliti shirt, $225, from The Helm.

From the experts

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans, Sterling Derk, the menswear director of operations at Derks, prefers to stick to the classics. “You want something that is going to last you for two to three years, and that is going to be something you wear three or four times a week because, for guys, it’s keep it simple.” Derk has seen denim trends come and go, but when looking to find a pair of jeans that will last you throughout the seasons, he is a purist. “As far as Alberta goes, classic blues rule here.”

Styling Tip: Utilize accessories in warm neutrals as a way to keep your denim from seeming too casual. A shoe or belt in cognac-coloured leather will help to elevate an all-denim ensemble to a more sophisticated look.

03 Men’s


Women typically get more leeway when it comes to experimenting with fashion but, for spring 2015, designers decided to let the men get in on some of the fun. Prints and bold colours dominated lookbooks and runways of the top names in men’s fashion for the season. 

To add a jolt of energy to a boring work wardrobe, invest in a few key pieces to which you can add to a suit or sport coat as a way to update your look for spring. Ties and pocket squares are great low-commitment ways to experiment with the bright colours and patterns that designers are offering.

For a casual outfit, throw on a short-sleeve button-up or T-shirt in an eye-catching print. Florals and stripes in punchy shades of reds, yellows and even pinks make bold additions to your favourite pair of jeans or Bermuda shorts.

Engineered Garments tropical shirt, $260, from gravitypope Tailored Goods, Paul Smith tropical T-shirt (greens), $225, from gravitypope Tailored Goods, Happy Sock socks, $12.95/pair, from Derks, Paul Smith hula girl shirt, $295, from gravitypope Tailored Goods, Van Gils pocket square, $39, from Derks, Glendon Lambert pocket square, $49, from Derks, Glendon Lambert tie, $99, from Derks, AMI stripe shirt, $185, from The Helm.

*Origin of the Aloha Shirt

The Aloha shirt has far more history than the many cringeworthy vacation photos it has appeared in over the years. Originating from the Japanese tailoring businesses that were popular in Hawaii in the 1920s and ’30s, the shirts made from brightly printed silks and cottons were marketed to tourists as souvenirs that they could order upon arrival to the islands. Tailors would rush to finish sewing the garments for customers, ensuring that travellers could wear their tropical attire while on their holidays. The vibrant designs gained popularity on the mainland as well, and sparked demand for the classic Hawaiian shirt around the globe.

Sea NY dress, $545, Senso shoes, $290, 3.1 Phillip Lim purse, $650, from Coup {Garment Boutique}; Hunt Amor hand chain, $58, earrings, $38, Rimly necklace, $48, from Workhall.

01 Women’s


Won Hundred top, $230, Raquel Allegra skirt, $595, Senso shoes, $315, from Coup {Garment Boutique}; Free People bra top, $48, bracelet, $19, BangBang Bijoux earrings, $48, from The Bamboo Ballroom; Rimly necklace, $48, from Workhall.

For spring 2015, designers have decided to throw modesty to the wind. Sheer fabrics like mesh, silk chiffon and see-though lace are everywhere this season, and these lightweight fabrications offer women the chance to keep cool while still remaining on trend. In order to keep you from looking like you could be swept away in the next stiff breeze, incorporate structured garments in transparent materials to help ground your outfit.

Mesh is not just for sport jerseys, and this double-layer pullover helps to add some much-needed visual weight to the balance out the flowing handkerchief skirt on the bottom. Pair a camisole or lace bra in the same colour as your top to keep covered, but not distract from the overall look.

*Styling Tip: Instead of relying on the tried and true spring colours, invest in pieces with stark palettes of white and black to make bold statements. The classic pairing has been interpreted by just about every designer for spring 2015, and will serve as a great backdrop for the season’s interesting shapes and styles.

02 Women’s

#Big Blooms

Yes, once again designers have filled runways with an array of floral motifs for their spring showcases, but this year’s crop is far from mundane. The blooms this season are larger than life, and fashion’s it-girls are wearing them from their heads to their toes. Everything from tropical orchids to more pedestrian garden varieties are fair game for the style-obsessed. Bright colours and oversized flowers can help to add visual interest to any outfit, and the never-ending options for floral designs ensure that there is a bloom out there for everyone.  

Florals (top to bottom): Gentle Fawn Collection dress, $119, from The Bamboo Ballroom, Gentle Fawn Collection pants (blue), $89, from The Bamboo Ballroom, Paul Smith pants (orange), $515, from gravitypope Tailored Goods, Gentle Fawn Collection shirt, $85, from The Bamboo Ballroom, Paul Smith cardigan, $460, from gravitypope Tailored Goods.

From the Experts

“Florals are always big in spring fashion,” says Suzy Kenny, manager and buyer for The Bamboo Ballroom. “For spring 2015, florals are back again but with a tropical flair, lots of vibrant hues with unique tropic blossoms – a modern take on 1970s florals.” Kenny advocates for playing with blooms this spring, and not shying away from mixing things up a bit. “You’re also going to see florals used in a more abstract way, layered with stripes, polka dots and other interesting prints.”

03 Women’s


The Bohemian aesthetic has become a perennial favourite for spring but, for 2015, this vintage-inspired look is more structured than in previous years. Statement accessories like wide-brimmed hats and metallic jewellery add an air of sophistication to the ensemble, but be careful to not overdo it – less really is more.

An easy way to channel this sophisticated ’70s vibe is to pick a statement garment in a rich colour. We paired this embroidered amethyst maxi dress with black and gold accessories, and then introduced an additional pop of colour with the magenta hat. By limiting the number of colours and prints, the overall appearance is polished and modern, but remains true to our favorite muses of the 1970s.

Outfit Grid: Hat, $45, Free People dress, $185, Kiko necklace, $75, from The Bamboo Ballroom, Bracelet, $19, all from The Bamboo Ballroom, Senso shoes, $265, from Coup {Garment Boutique}

*Styling Tip: Metallic accessories are great ways to elevate a Bohemian-inspired wardrobe. Adding a little bit of shine to your look will add visual interest to your outfit, and the warm tone of gold makes for a more luxurious style.

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