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October 22, 2019

Screen Printing 101

Artist Caitlin Bodewitz shares a peek behind her process.

Artist Caitlin Bodewitz found her perfect fit in the art world when she began screen printing – and she hasn’t looked back since. So, what exactly is involved in the process of screen printing? We found out.

“It is a process of, more or less, blocking the screen in certain areas so ink does not get through and leaving the screen open in certain areas so ink obviously does go through and onto your different surfaces,” says Bodewitz.

“Where the light goes through it hardens the emulsion, anywhere we have a black drawing the emulsion stays soft, and we’re able to rinse it away so then we get our stencil for our screen.”

“Our tools are pretty simple, it’s simply our ink, our screen, our squeegees. The ink is fairly similar to paint, it has a little bit of a different consistency just because it has different drying times, and there’s oil based and water based inks, variations like that as well. Essentially what we do is we use our squeegee and manually pull our ink through where the stencil is open and it’ll go down through to the surface.”

“Essentially the silk screen is all about being able to break your image down into different components, whether that’s shape or colour, because every separate color needs to have a separate stencil and a separate pull.”

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