Edmonton’s Best Neighbourhoods: The Future is Now

The second annual list of the city’s top 10 communities.

Close your eyes and think about what the Edmonton of the future will look like.

Does it have flying cars and silver spires, like The Jetsons or Disneyland’s Tomorrowland? Or is it a green city, where transit and bikes have overtaken cars as the main modes of transportation? Is it a city with glass towers or a place where we do our best to preserve character neighbourhoods?

This issue sees Avenue unveil the results from our second annual Best Neighbourhoods Survey. But, this year, we didn’t just ask about what neighbourhoods you think are the best right now. We asked what you thought about the future of the city.

Look inside and you’ll find the neighbourhood that is currently ranked No. 2 by our readers was the winner when it came to where Edmontonians think will be the best place to live in Edmonton in 15 to 20 years.

And, Banister Research & Consulting Inc. asked you what are the in-the-works projects that you’re most excited to see. Your answers were clear. You can’t wait for the LRT to grow and serve more of the city. A new Royal Alberta Museum excites you.

A new downtown arena? Not so much. In fact, more people (47 per cent) didn’t care or didn’t want the arena than were excited about its construction (41 per cent). Maybe it’s the years of debate between council and Oilers’ owner Daryl Katz, the politicization of the arena, the cost to the public … or is it that hockey is often oversold as a unifying interest in a Canadian city? Fact is, according to our numbers, a new museum is more important to Edmontonians than a shiny new arena for the hockey team.

Click on the following links and you’ll find the neighbourhood ranking, as selected by you. You will find stories about building communities in new developments, and how our notions of “hipster” neighbourhoods are changing. You’ll also learn about how our love of driving is eroding.

And, just maybe, you’ll get an idea of the Edmonton we want to see in our future.

No. 1. Strathcona

No. 2. Westmount

No. 3. Garneau

No. 4. Highlands

No. 5. Oliver

No. 6-10. Riverdale, Strathearn, Crestwood, Windermere, Belgravia


Where Goes the Neighbourhood?: Does the perfect neighbourhood exist only in our memories?

Barbecues, Bingos and Bottle Drives: It takes a village (and a whole lot of fundraisers) to build a place to play

Happy Rails: Has our love of cars gone off the rails?

The Complete Package: Avenue’s neighbourhood survey shows that only half of respondents think elementary schools are important for a neighbourhood.

Paving Paradise: When proposed changes threaten unique farmland, where do we draw the line?


How excited are you for the following proposed developments?

LRT Expansion

High excitement: 69% | Moderate excitement: 15% | Low excitement: 16%

Royal Alberta Museum

High excitement: 52% | Moderate excitement: 23% | Low excitement: 25%

  City Centre Airport lands development

High excitement: 49% | Moderate excitement: 17% | Low excitement: 34%

Quarters revitalization

High excitement: 41% | Moderate excitement: 22% | Low excitement: 37%

Downtown arena

High excitement: 41% | Moderate excitement: 12% | Low excitement: 47%

New Walterdale Bridge

High excitement: 37% | Moderate excitement: 25% | Low excitement: 38%

Anthony Henday completion

High excitement: 31% | Moderate excitement: 18% | Low excitement: 51%

Capital Boulevard completion

High excitement: 30% | Moderate excitement: 22% | Low excitement: 48%

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