Happy Feet

Throw your black dress socks away – your sock drawer deserves better.

Just as the end of the Second World War gave way to decorative neckties, casual workplaces are liberating the common crew sock. In the form of flamboyant, cheerful, sometimes blinding colours and patterns, people are smuggling whimsy into the boardroom.

Yuri Gerchikov is an Edmonton software engineer who makes up one-half of Good Luck Sock, along with co-founder Leo Shifrin. Gerchikov has seen his designs on a variety of Alberta professionals, from accountants and lawyers to programmers and public officials. “It doesn’t matter where they’re working,” he says. “They just love the socks.”

That might be true, but statement socks go best with traditional suits, adding a needed flash of flair, not with polychromatic hoodies and sneakers, which will only make you look like a budgie.

Tips and Tricks

Do: Cuff the pant to give it extra exposure

Don’t: Think it’s now OK to wear socks and sandals. Never was, never will be.

Do: Wear with dark dress pants or beige khakis.

Don’t: Double down with a jazzy tie. It’s one or the other.

Do: Match it with your cufflinks or pocketsquare.

Don’t: Match it with colourful shoes and look like a Gummi Bear from the ankles down.

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