How To: Survive Valentine’s Day Alone

Just because you’re flying solo doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Illustration Pop Winson

This month, happy couples, husbands and wives, lovers and twitter-pated romantics will be scouring the malls, restaurants and flower shops to bring romance into their love lives. That’s right; February 14, the most romantic day of the year, is smack-dab in the middle of the month, ready to make everything stop in the name of love.

But for those who are spending this Hallmark Holiday all by their lonesome, here are some tips on how to do it best:

Revel in the money you’ve saved

According to the 2016’s annual The Cost of Love study, the price of romance was a whopping $61,821.60.

The Breakdown:

One year of dating – which includes fancy dates, casual dates, movie dates, getaways and miscellaneous gifts – adds up to an average of $10,683.60;

The most expensive year in the world of romance turns out to be the one where you’ve chosen your life partner.  A one-year engagement in Canada, with all the bells and whistles such as a year’s worth of dates, engagement rings and an engagement party, averages about $12,164.76;

The icing on the cake (or wedding cake, as the case may be) is the $38,973 that a couple will spend on wedding costs in Canada. These costs include attire for the bride and groom, the event itself, and a honeymoon to help seal the deal.

Treat Yourself

With all of the money you’ve saved by not being tied down to anyone, maybe Valentine’s Day is a time where you can splurge on yourself. While everyone else is running around the city paying the ever-so-convenient annual increase on the price of roses, or shelling out hundreds of dollars on a romantic dinner, you get to be the one who buys yourself a new dress or that new television set you’ve been eyeing.

Take a Trip

It may seem a bit extreme to just take off and leave the city to escape a holiday, especially when a majority of the world celebrates the holiday as well, but maybe time alone in a new area is just what you need. Adventure cures a lonely heart, after all.

But if you’re looking for a locale where the population is as blas about the day of love as they are about preassembled furniture, try Sweden. While the rest of western and European countries have been celebrating Valentine’s Day since the 1800s,  the Swedes only caught on to the holiday in the ’60s. Even then the holiday hasn’t really caught fire or captured the hearts of the population, with only about half the country celebrating it any given year.

Have a little help from your friends

You don’t have to wallow alone, swiping left and right on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble (though it is nice to see that you aren’t alone in your solo Valentine’s Day). Try calling on your single friends for a singles party or, even better, getting out to a club or pub to enjoy the evening. You never know, another like-minded group may even be there for you to meet.

Dine alone

Really, eating out by yourself isn’t so bad if you hit the joints that are designed for such experiences. Find a suitable restaurant like one that has a bar, or a communal table to encourage socialization with strangers and enjoy the culinary experience. For a few recommendations, check out our 5 Best Spots to Dine Solo on page 29.

Hit a Movie; Get the best seats

We’re not telling you to go see a romantic date-night film. Instead, go see one of February’s blockbuster action movies, thrillers or wacky comedies. Chances are, most of the couples will be at the romantic comedies or the erotic thrillers (Fifty Shades Darker comes out this month, after all), while you’ll have your choice of the best seats in the house for the best unromantic films of the month.

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