Meet the Dogs of Edmonton: Buster

Meet Buster, a two-year-old Labradoodle.

Photograph by Cooper & O’Hara

In an initiative to support Wellspring Edmonton and in conjunction with Champion Pet Foods, Avenue sat down with some professional pooches (and their celebrity owners) for a furry photoshoot and to find out what makes them such good dogs.

As a part of our ongoing series, this week we’re featuring Buster, a two-year-old Labradoodle.

Name: Buster

Title: Food Safety Inspector

Owner: Marty Forbes (Blogger/Journalist)

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: Two

Favourite Toy: Rawhide shoes

Favourite Human Food: He doesn’t even try to steal human food and requires new treat flavours every few weeks

Gets in Trouble When: He chewed a window sill

Quote: “I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.”

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