Meet the Dogs of Edmonton

Avenue sat down with some of the city’s professional pooches (and their celebrity owners) to find out what makes them such good dogs.

Photograph by Cooper & O’Hara

The Dog City Festival, a fundraiser for Wellspring Edmonton, is scheduled to take place this summer. In conjunction with Champion PetFoods, Avenue sat down with these professional pooches (and their celebrity owners) for a furry photoshoot and to find out what makes them such good dogs.

We’ve featured a quartet of them here, but look for more of these canine board members at



Title: Head Coach

Owners: Lauren Kyle (Interior Designer) and Connor McDavid (Player of Hockey)

Breed: Bernadoodle

Age: Nine months

Favourite Toy: Stuffed bear or people shoes

Favourite Human Food: Turkey

Gets in trouble when: He bites furniture or shoes — mostly shoes



Title: CCO (Chief Cuddling Officer)

Owners: Kari Skelton (Blogger) and Ryan Jespersen (630 CHED Host)

Breed: Boxer

Age: Seven

Favourite Toy: Any toy another dog is playing with

Favourite Human Food: Cheese and pepperoni pizza

Gets in trouble when: Never … except that one time he ate the couch



Photograph by Cooper & O’Hara

Title: Motivational Barker

Owners: Brett Fraser (President, Edmonton Stingers Basketball Club)

Breed: Mini Aussie Shepherd

Age: Three

Favourite Toy: Her blue dragon

Favourite Human Food: Meat and cheese, but only discreetly when no one’s looking

Gets in trouble when: She barks at the neighbours



Photograph by Cooper & O’Hara

Title: Crossing guard

Owners: Kelly Kimo (President, Production World)

Breed: Havanese

Age: Six

Favourite Toy: Rubber chicken

Favourite Human Food: Cheese

Gets in trouble when: He doesn’t come when you tell him to come

This article appears in the April 2020 issue of Avenue Edmonton.

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