Contributor Guidelines

Avenue Edmonton Contributor Guidelines

Contact the art director for all inquiries regarding photography, illustrations and styling.

Writers’ Guidelines

Avenue is a full-spectrum city and lifestyle magazine that takes an insightful look at how our community is evolving, keeps abreast of key movers and shakers and offers survival-guide advice to living here well. The magazine is a provocative and useful read for the active, curious and sophisticated city-dweller interested in everything from the arts and home fashion, to municipal politics and scientific breakthroughs.

Stories published in Avenue must have a strong relevance to our Edmonton readership, and should offer a unique perspective on the topic. Our tone is thoughtful, polished and confident. Stories run 500 to 2,000 words, with shorter pieces typically published in our health and fitness, arts or humour departments. Please review back issues to determine which topics we have already covered.

The best way to pitch your story idea is to e-mail/mail a brief query letter stating the topic, the angle and your proposed approach to executing the article. Please be aware that we receive a large number of queries and are unable to respond directly to all of them.

Your first query should be accompanied by two or three samples of your published writing (preferably via PDF or e-mail attachment, although hard copy is also acceptable by mail).

Please do not pitch us an idea if you are pitching the idea elsewhere at the same time.

Please do not pitch ideas about people you work for, you are friends with, or from whom you have received (or expect to receive) personal or financial gain.

When a story is assigned, the writer and editor will agree on a deadline, fee, expenses and expectations for the story, and sign an agreement. Fees vary by assignment.

Direct queries by e-mail to the editor:

Or by mail to:
Editorial Queries
Avenue Magazine
10221 123 St.
Edmonton, AB, T5N 1N3
(780) 451-1379

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