Edmonton Record Holders

Here’s how record holders Doug Pruden and Tim Waterson stack up against one another and the notable feats they have to their credit.

A new book goes beyond recording bizarre and astounding achievements to chronicle the achievers themselves, including two Edmontonians. Believe the Unbelievable: The Ultimate Book of World Records and the People Who Pursue Them, by the Record Holders Republic (Bartleby Press 2010), names Doug Pruden, a.k.a. The Pushup Guy, and Tim Waterson, the world’s fastest foot drummer. Here is how they stack up against one another and the notable feats they have to their credit.


Age: 48

Claim to Fame: He busks by doing pushups on Whyte Avenue. He can do them on one hand, the back of his hands and his fists.

Records Set: 9

Latest Record: 1,025 one-arm pushups on the back of his hand in one hour (2008)

“In 60 Seconds, I can do…”: 114 one-arm pushups (2008)

Biggest Achievement: Doing 1,000 fist pushups in 18 minutes and 13 seconds (2003)


Age: 49

Claim to Fame: He created a local drumming society and made T-shirts to advocate making “extreme drumming” into an Olympic sport.

Records Set: 3

Latest Record: 1,075 single-stroke rolls on a bass drum in 60 seconds (2006)

“In 60 Seconds, I can do…”: 1,454 double-stroke rolls on a base drum (2002, unofficial record)

Biggest Achievement: His instructional DVD on bass drumming is sold worldwide, and drummers everywhere use his techniques for improving speed.

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