Party Crasher: Richard Eaton Singers

The Richard Eaton Singers celebrate their 60th anniversary at the Winspear.

Few artistic companies make it past 50, but on Nov. 4 the Richard Eaton Singers, a choir started by a University of Alberta professor for his students after graduation, celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Winspear Centre. With the orchestral backing of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the 130 singers – including the only remaining original member Alice Mix – sang for a crowd of 300. Leonard Ratzlaff, the musical director, was also celebrating his 30th anniversary with the choir.

The gala that followed was filled with Edmonton choral and classical music supporters who came to socialize and celebrate. Cathryn Landreth, the anniversary’s committee chair who has been planning the event for years, said: “The fact that an organization can survive healthily intact for this many years is quite an accomplishment. And to become a symbol within the community it lives, we’re proud to have this kind of longevity.”

Sarah Schilling and Kimberly Adams

Jim McDonald and Maureen Blair

Armand Baril and Lucie Bari

Roswitha Heidorn-Knoefel, Mark-Ulrich Knoefel and Line Mantha

Leonard Ratzlaff

Alice Mix, Henk Hulleman and Lillian Upright

Sid Carlson and Norma McElhone

Peggy Matheson and Brian Haliburton

Ron Bercov and Claus Knoefel

Grant Cameron, Kirk Kryvenchuk and Paul Cachia

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