Guru Fine Indian Cuisine: Sugar and Spice

Sizzling Indian food paired with perfect wines.

Like a jet engine contrail, a cloud of steam trails our waitress from the kitchen to my table, where she places a lamb-chicken kebab as it sizzles in the pan. If patrons weren’t already drawn by the showiness of the steam or the loud hiss of the piping hot pan, the scent of Eastern spices earns their envy from all sides of the room.

And for good reason. The new addition to Guru Fine Indian Cuisine is a complicated treasure: Spiced ground chicken rolled thin and then wrapped around spiced ground lamb with a hint of fennel before it’s baked in a tandoor – a tall clay oven with an open top.

Executive chef Deependra Singh recommends a glass of Little Straw Pinot Noir, a sweet wine that “enhances the intense flavours of the meat.” And the pairing works so well, it’s little wonder Guru’s vino list is extensive, made up of options gathered by wine expert, Gurvinder Bhatia of Vinomania. On request, Singh will recommend the perfect wine pairing to his elaborate meals. 

The wine also pairs nicely with the Goan shrimp curry, nicely matching the sweetness of the coconut-based sauce. For something more savoury, try the palak paneer. It’s a fresh take on the Indian comfort food of mild cheese curd in thick spinach sauce, here topped with pine nuts.

For a very unique dish, try Guru’s chocolate coconut naan – melted dark chocolate between two flatbreads and drizzled with chocolate and strawberry syrup. After all, who says naan has to be a utensil? (17021 100 Ave., 780-484-4300,

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