Back To Its Roots

A renovation pays homage to the spirit and feel of a mid-century split-level home.

Photography Ashley Champagne; White Besta cabinets and love seats from Ikea; vase from Urban Barn, abstract canvas art from Great Big Canvas, tree, Merry Bright signs, and blue ornaments from Canadian Tire; coffee table from Mobital; gold table from Pottery Barn; blinds from Hunter Douglas; snow globes from Target; copper candle from Chapters; cushions custom by Design Guys; marble end table from All Modern

Since she and husband Jeff bought their house in 2004, Michelle Pollock, decorator at AMR Design, has renovated the Valleyview split-level home not once, but twice. For the first renovation, having moved from a Westmount home with white tile throughout the entire space, Pollock opted for an Asian-inspired look with warm tones and darker colours. For the second renovation, nearly a decade later, she decided to go back to the home’s mid-century roots.

The entire home is painted white, with pops of colour that fit the mid-century modern palette, such as the turquoise backsplash in the kitchen that references the original kitchen, as well as the green shade on the front and back door – fittingly called “retro avocado.” Pollock also placed an emphasis on unique light fixtures, such as the Nelson bubble saucer pendant above the dining room table. “I love that light fixture like a child,” says Pollock. “When we started to change over [the look of the house], I started replacing a few things, and that was sort of an iconic fixture that made me feel like this is achievable.”

While there have been countless  updates throughout the space, mid-century modern touches return it to its roots. “We haven’t changed the overall feel of the house or the spirit of the house,” says Pollock. Original details, such as the brick fireplaces and wood window valances, have been refinished or painted to freshen them up. To add warmth, Pollock incorporated woods such as walnut in the built-in cabinetry throughout the home.

Cabinets, backsplash and counter from Waygood’s Kitchens; Nelson bubble pendant, walnut table and artwork from Room and Board; island pendant lights from Park Lighting; appliances from Coast Appliances; stools from Ikea; dining chairs, bowls, French press, and champagne bucket from Crate and Barrel; mugs from Home Sense; tray from Home Outfitters; wine glasses and chalk stand from Henry’s Purveyor of Fine Things; candy cane ornaments from Canadian Tire  

Happy holidays decal from SignKore; wine from Play Winery; reindeer trivet from Crate and Barrel; candle from Anthropologie; pillow from Home Sense; mirror custom by Wholesale Bevel & Edge; cabinets and counter from Waygood’s Kitchen; flooring from Ames 

Lamps, vase and duvet cover from Home Sense; pillows, bed and night stands from Ikea
Womb chair from Rove Concepts; bed from Blue Dot; pendant from Ikea; coverlet from Home Sense; lamps from Target; night stands from Mobler; comic mural from 
Cabinets and backsplash from Waygood’s Kitchen; bar fridge from Home Depot; martini glass and jigger from Crate and Barrel; shaker and martini glass from Home Sense 

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