Vignettes 5: The Teams

Meet the designers, woodworkers, artists and contractors who are behind the creation of this year’s Vignettes spaces.

For Vignettes, teams of designers, woodworkers, artists and contractors came together to create unique spaces. Learn a little bit about the talented participants, what their inspirations were and more, before you check out the Vignettes spaces themselves.

Team One

Team Name: Dream Machine

Team Members:

Peter Russell – builder, Four Elements Construction Inc.

Holly Carmichael – woodworker, TruWood Artisans

Darren Cunningham/Leanne Wlock – woodworkers, Urban Timber

Glen Ronald – artist, Glen Ronald Gallery

Chad Baba – designer/craftsman, MK Baba Designs

Joanne Guthrie – welder, JSG Welding


This team’s space is inspired by a tattoo shop setting, and they intend to transform an environment that may feel sterile, or cause apprehension, into an environment with a warm, welcoming atmosphere

Team Two

Team Name: Convergence

Team Members:

Susan Jomha – designer, Distinct Interior Design

Ian Brodie – contractor, Ian Brodie Interiors

Steve Greene – woodworker, Allendale

Grady Wallace – artist, Rad Originals


This bathroom space will be a modern day spa retreat inspired by the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Water and fire will mix in harmony, bold colours will contrast with soft tones, and rustic elements will be juxtaposed with modern, contemporary lines.

Team Three

Team Name: La Cosa Nostra

Team Members:

Niki Flis – designer, FLIS Interior Design

Annaliza Toledo and Trevor Peters – visual artists, Fresh Canvas Art Co.

Alayna Dornbush – visual artist, Capensis Metalwork

David Rider – woodworker, 103 St. Wood Metal Works

Paul Foster – contractor, Contact Renovations 


For their space, the team is creating a modern yet timeless vision of a mob office, including architectural features and elements that allow guests to interact with the space. Inspirations include cathedral domes, raw exposed brick, street art, and the intriguing thrill of mystery.

Team Four

Team Name: Dreamers, Designers and Doers

Team Members:

Marie Soprovich – contractor, Aquarian Construction

Holly Raubenheimer – woodworker, Alice Woods Art & Design Co.

Tyler Mcnaughton – lead architectural designer, Aquarian Construction

Jessica Brownell – design coordinator, Aquarian Construction

Lori Elms – designer, Lori Elms Design Group

Lindsay Elms – designer, Lori Elms Design Group

Lauren Whitaker – artist/botanical artist, Bentart


This team is planning a space filled with botanical art, textiles, texture and color. Raubenheimer will be repurposing artifacts in intriguing ways, and the space will be filled with freshness and serenity.

Team Five

Team Name: Think Tank

Team Members:

Brenda Brix – designer, AMR Design

Michelle Pollock – designer, AMR Design

Rob Johnson – Quadrant Construction

Carol Donald – visual artist, Wow Factor Mosaics

Dana Price – architectural glass artist, Flux Glass Studio

Jamie David – contractor, Quadrant Construction


This team’s inspiration involves looking inwards, behind the exterior facade, to find something unexpected. The space’s hard-shell exterior, featuring minimal materials and geometric shapes, is a contrast to the unexpected whimsical mosaics and organic textures within. The space features “thought bubbles” that encourage you to think – inside the box.

Team Six

Team Name: Moroccan Mint

Team Members:

Jennifer Hughes – designer, Turquoise Chair

Landon Schedler – woodworker, Oliver Apt.

Margaret Hinkley – visual artist, Two Buds Floral Artistry

Sean Foley – metal workers, Metal Morphose


This team is creating a Moroccan inspired outdoor space filled with warm wood, crisp greenery, and rich copper. Intricate stonework and plush textiles round out the illuminated alcove space, which is designed to encourage guests to gather.

Team Seven

Team Name: Mid Mod Makers

Team Members:

Rosalyn Lazaruk – interior designer and decorator, Wicket Blue Interiors

Dallas LaRose – visual artist, Dallas LaRose Fine Art 

Ted Clark – craftsman and furniture designer, Innovative Woodworking Co.

Trevor Barr – general contractor, Carstar Construction

Doug Carmack – general contractor, Carstar Construction


This team looked to the principles of mid-century modern design for their inspiration. The living room space will have a clean line dividing it into two, to demonstrate how classic designs from that time period can be used in a modern space, and to showcase how they influence modern design.

Team Eight

Team Name: UP (“Unplugged Power”)

Team Members:

Kim Van Ruskenveld – designer, IBI Group

Julie Witten-Land – visual artist, Salted Studio

Doug Carmack – contractor, Carstar Construction Ltd.

Trevor Barr – contractor, Carstar Construction Ltd. 


For their space, this team is seeking to create an all-encompassing experience that represents the clarity and joy you experience when you unplug and look beyond a screen. The space will include a biophilic design approach with acoustic treatments to capture the silence, textural materials to create a tactile element, and a large scale custom piece of art.

Team Nine

Team Members:

Joshua Kupsch – designer, Land Faculty

Kelvin Soo – woodworker, Guudenteit Finishing Carpentry 

Marcus Coldeway – visual artist, Minbid

Wabi Sabi – contracting


For their Vignette, this trio will be playing with perspective, space, viewing angles and planes in order to craft a Vignette that surprises and intrigues. Bright, colour-blocked pop art colour patterns will emphasize the effects of the illusions, and the space will include a showpiece feature of a fanned screen that creates different views inside and outside of the Vignette.

Team Ten

Team Name: Area Ten

Team Members:

Kelvin Soo – visual artist, carpenter, designer, Guudenteit Finishing Carpentry 

 Maureen Wright – designer, MoJo Design Inc.

Johanne Lewis – designer, MoJo Design Inc.

Sydney Bond – contractor, Effect Home Builders 


This team is blending design with science to create a space inspired by Brodmann area 10 within the human brain. Attendees can enjoy an immersive experience as the team interprets Canada and its changing environments, creating a space that juxtaposes nature, modernism and the future.

Team Eleven

Team Members:

Eric Jensen – woodworker, Relic Woodworks

Michel Cote – artist, ECKZ Studio

Richard Plamondon – contractor, Ackard Contractors

Aquilino Naccarto – contractor, Ackard Contractors


This team is taking attendees on a trip through the seasons with a space that a brings you an endless summer.

Team Thirteen

Team Name: Team Motivo

Team Members:

Elio Gabucci – home builder, Meridian Builders

Diala Husin – designer, Motivo Design

Bart Gellhaus – woodworker, Gellhaus Woodworks


For their space, this team is playing on contrast and attraction, getting inspiration from the abstract relationship between good and bad, desire and morals, love and hate.

Team Fourteen

Team Members:

Ben Guittard – contractor, Benjamin Matthew Contracting & Consulting Ltd.

Caitlyn Bodewitz – visual artist, CMBPrintWorks

 Julian Evans -woodworker

Joe Johnson – Workspace

Joanna Smolinski – Workspace 


This team is playing with the fundamentals of design for their space, approaching the principles of design in a refined, minimalist way that questions the meaning of design in today’s world of ever-changing trends.

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