4 Street Food Dishes

These portable treats are guaranteed to satisfy.

Photography Adrien Veczan

Sometimes, you’re not quite in the mood for a full sit-down meal – you want something delicious that you can grab and enjoy en route. Perhaps you’re craving something sweet, or maybe you’re after a carb-filled savoury snack. Either way, there are plenty of spots that can satisfy your hunger. When it comes to street food, these four picks are guaranteed hits.


at Chocorrant Patisserie + Caf

When a new patisserie opened on 124 Street, a short distance from the Avenue office, we considered it our duty to taste-test all the croissants. We tried every flavour, from matcha to strawberry. Pastry chef Kai Wong has croissants down to an art – flaky and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and utter perfection. You really can’t go wrong with any of the flavours, but the cookies and cream in particular became a clear favourite when it was added to the menu. White chocolate has a tendency to be cloyingly sweet, but this subtle white chocolate filling adds just a hint of flavour. Then, the entire thing is drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of brownie crumble. If you stop by at exactly the right time, you might snag one that’s fresh out of the oven and still warm – and there’s really nothing better. –Adrianna Szenthe

10328 124 St., 780-908-2253, chocorrant.com

Hot Dog

at Mayday Dogs

What meal pairs best with sports? Hot dogs and beer, of course. So it’s fitting that, in the lower level of the Mercer Building across from Rogers Place, is a gourmet hot dog place to satisfy post-hockey game cravings. Each of the six dogs are more than your basic ketchup-and-mustard situation (don’t worry, there isn’t ketchup on the Chicago-style dog, aka The 95/96 Bulls) and they’re all made with custom, free-range pork hot dogs from Bear and the Flower Farms, and Vienna Bakery buns – though there are gluten-free, veggie and kid-friendly plain options too. A sure bet is the Colombian street food-inspired Barry Seal, topped with pineapple relish, cheddar, crushed chips and salsa golf, an Argentinian condiment. Pair it with a beer, wine or a shake and enjoy them on one of the communal bleacher-style seats – or at most right outside on the sidewalk as you walk to your next destination.-Breanna Mroczek

10359B 104 St., maydaydogs.com 

Snowy Dessert

at Snowy Dessert

You know a place is popular when you show up with your wife and kids and the place is closed, with a sign taped to the door stating that the restaurant is waiting to be re-stocked. Snowy Dessert serves, well, “snowy dessert” (known as bingsu in Korean). It’s shaved ice, with milk, that bursts open with flavour and then vapourizes in your mouth. You can get a traditional topping like red bean or mango, or something decidedly more North American in nature, like crumbled Oreo cookies. Its unique texture makes it strangely addictive. And the lineups since it opened have proven that snowy dessert is the treat Edmonton didn’t realize it had to have. The portions come in frozen bowls, and the small size feeds two, easily. The large size is basically a mountain of snow. But, despite the coats of gold and red on top of the treats, Snowy Dessert still has claws. There has been an online cold war between Snowy Dessert and the still-yet-to-open-at-press-time Snowy Village outlet; both are claiming proprietary rights over bingsu in Edmonton. When Snowy Village opens, we’ll just have to try both and compare. It’s a tough job.-Steven Sandor

10209 82 Ave., 780-250-7778, snowydessert.ca


at Zwick’s Pretzels

Hidden just off of 124 Street, Zwick’s Pretzels is a carb lover’s heaven. You can go for standard buttered pretzels, cheese covered ones or dusted pretzels such as the sour cream and onion. I tried the guajillo and feta pretzel, which is topped with feta cheese, a chili spread and fresh herbs. The dough is fluffy and served warm with a golden crust and none of the flavours are overpowering, letting you enjoy a good topping-to-pretzel ratio. Perfect for on-the-go, most flavours have the option of choosing one classic five-inch pretzel or a bag of “nubs” if you want to easily share with your friends.-Courtney Bettin

12415 107 Ave., 780-451-8882, zwickspretzels.com

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