5 Spots for Great Fries

No matter what type of fry you’re craving, we’ve got you covered.

Photography Adam Goudreau and Dwayne Martineau

Burgers and fries. Fish and chips. No matter which side of the Atlantic Ocean you’re on, the potato always seems to play second fiddle. But, this month, we figured it was time for the french fry to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. We highlight Edmonton eateries that serve up some spectacular spuds. Step aside, proteins – it’s time for the chips to shine.

Delux Hand-Cut French Fries 

at Delux Burger Bar

When burgers are the main focus of a restaurant – heck, when the word “burger” is right in the name – it’s easy for fries to become an afterthought. Thankfully, though, the potatoes have not been overlooked at Delux Burger Bar.

The fries at Delux are la carte – in a couple of ways. Not only can you order them independent of your burger but, if you do, they will arrive at your table in a tiny little shopping cart. It’s a playful touch that matches the casual vibe of the eatery.

Delux offers the option to have its fries tossed in truffle oil and Parmesan cheese, or covered in gravy as one of its four varieties of poutine, but sometimes a straight-up honest-to-goodness french fry is the perfect accompaniment. And these ones don’t disappoint, as the hand-cut fries still have the skin on and are lightly seasoned after being cooked golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Paired with Delux’s chipotle mayo – which isn’t overpoweringly spicy – they just might steal the spotlight from your burger creation. -Glenn Cook

9682 142 St., 780-420-0101, centuryhospitality.com/delux

Sweet Potato Fries 

at DaDeO

Whether you order them on their own as an appetizer or pony up the extra dollar to have them as a side dish with your po’ boy sandwich, try the sweet potato fries at DaDeO at least once.

In order to achieve the maximum crunch factor, the fries are battered first – a light coating, just enough to make them extra crispy. They’re liberally seasoned with a blend of Cajun spices, and the resulting fries are the perfect balance between heat and sweetness. And let’s not forget about the dipping sauce. DaDeO serves up its sweet potato fries with a herb mayonnaise; it’s so good that you may just run out before you’re done the last fry.

You could try to resist, but you’ll eventually be flagging down the waitress and sheepishly requesting an order – or a second order. They don’t judge. -Adrianna MacPherson

10548A 82 Ave., 780-433-0930, dadeo.ca

House Fries With Herb Aioli

at Canteen

When you eat salty fries, there’s often an accompanying greasy feeling. But that’s not the case with Canteen’s house fries. 

The fries are salted so nicely that eating them by themselves would be good enough, and just as good as any fry covered in seasoning.

What’s even better is biting into the fries’ crisp exterior – unlike some floppy fries floating around out there – and enjoying the soft, tasty insides. 

The fries are served with Canteen’s homemade aioli dip – a combination of herbs, garlic, dill and mayonnaise. The unique flavour helps nicely balance out the salt. -Alexandra Bessant

10522 124 St., 780-485-6125, canteenyeg.ca

Werewolf Fries

at Daravara

Sure, french fries make for a classic, traditional and reliable side dish but, sometimes, when the moon is full, these fried potatoes can transcend their meek side-dish status and unleash a flavour frenzy no protein on its own can achieve.

At Daravara, the transformation happens when house-made hot sauce and chipotle cheese sauce are added to a heaping pile of classic cuts. Add to that some malt vinegar, chopped green onion and your choice of grilled chicken, house-smoked bacon or coffee-rubbed brisket, and this once mild-mannered dish becomes a wild and rarely experienced palate-pleaser.

For the carnivorous, I recommend topping with the coffee-rubbed brisket. The tender meat offers no resistance as your fork tears away, clawing at each ingredient for that one perfect, ravenous bite. -Cory Haller

10713 124 St., 587-520-4980, twitter.com/daravara

Garlic Fries 

at Meat

Go to the United States, and a lot of the best barbecue joints are just as famous for their sides as they are for their briskets and ribs.

Likewise, at Meat, a lot of thought has gone into the sides. If you order these fries expecting a dusting of garlic powder, you’re in for a surprise – they actually pack a massive garlic punch. In fact, instead of dipping sauce, it might be an idea to fill a ramekin with Listerine and serve it on the side. After all, these delicious, crunchy and super-garlicky fries are definitely a signature item, but they could ruin a date night. No kissing after even a couple of bites.

The fries pack a lot of crunch, and they are bold. And if you get a large order, it’s good to know that the crunch holds rather well when you go to the fridge to get a handful at midnight. -Steven Sandor

8216 104 St., 587-520-6338, meatfordinner.com

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