3 Flavourful Cocktails to Make At Home this Weekend

Get mixing and hone your bartending skills with these refined craft cocktails.

The Daisy. Photography by Kevan Morin

1. The Daisy

While the name has fallen out of fashion, you’ve likely sampled a version of this classic cocktail. The Daisy has had many forms over the decades, but the most famous one is simply known by the word’s Spanish translation – Margarita. Whatever sweetener, citrus or spirit is used, a Daisy is always a cool and refreshing affair, that can energize and focus the drinker. On a cold evening, build your Daisy with bourbon or sherry.


The Virtue of Temperance

1 oz Wild Turkey Rare Breed bourbon

0.5 oz Torres 10 brandy

0.75 oz orange cordial (recipe below)

0.5 oz lemon juice

3 dashes Bittercube cherry bark vanilla bitters

Shake ingredients with ice and double strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

Orange Cordial

1 L fresh-squeezed orange juice

0.85 kg granulated sugar

1 oz cognac

1 oz bourbon

zest of 1 orange

Combine orange juice, cognac and bourbon over medium heat. Bring mixture to a simmer. Remove from heat and add granulated sugar and orange zest. Stir to combine. Cordial will keep for four weeks in the refrigerator.

2. The Mai Tai

No other drink is more associated with Tiki culture and tropical cocktails. Smooth like summer waves and bright like a Tahitian sunset, the Mai Tai is something worth savouring. While Trader Vic’s Mai Tai is citrusy and rich, Don the Beachcomber’s is more spice-forward and herbaceous — yet both are delicious in their own right.


Trader Vic’s Mai Tai #1

2 oz Jamaican Rum such as Appleton Estate 12-year-old

Juice of one lime (roughly 3/4 oz)

1/2 oz Pierre Ferrand Orange Dry Curacao

1/4 oz demerara syrup

1/2 oz orgeat syrup

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and spent lime shell.

Don the Beachcomber’s Mai Tai

2 oz water

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz fresh grapefruit juice

1 oz simple syrup

1 oz dark rum such as Cruzan Blackstrap

1-1/2 oz golden rum such as Appleton Estate VX

1/2 oz Cointreau or Triple Sec

1/4 oz Falernum liqueur/syrup

2 dashes Angostura bitters

1 dash Pernod or other anise-flavoured pastis

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish as with Trader Vic’s Mai Tai #1.

3. The Flip

When it comes to cocktail categories, there are few as old as the Flip. They date back to the earliest days of mixed drinks, first appearing in England around the early 1600s. Whether historical or modern, flips are a combination of spirits, sugar and a whole egg. In all their forms, flips are luxurious, thick, silky drinks. Shaking these drinks is a must, as the ingredients require some heavy encouragement to emulsify.


Elephant Flip

Recipe by Christina Rando, The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. | Philadelphia 

1 oz Ramazzotti Amaro

1/2 oz Jamaican rum

1/2 oz bourbon

1/2 oz demerara syrup

1 tsp pomegranate molasses

1 dash angostura bitters

6 drops mole bitters

pinch salt

1 whole egg

a good, bitter IPA

Garnish: aromatic bitters, such as Bitter Truth


1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake.
2. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice and shake again.
3. Strain into a fizz glass and top with IPA.
4. Garnish with aromatic bitters.

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