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Avenue Best Restaurants 2013

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Steak frites is a French classic for a reason: there’s just something so sinfully decadent about a marbled steak combined with deep-fried potatoes. The Marc is so confident you’ll be pleased with its steak that it only offers two cuts: sirloin for lunch and a 10-ounce Heritage Angus ribeye for dinner. And rightly so – both are exquisite, finished with foie gras butter and accompanied by a heaping side of frites. The grilled sirloin is plump and not too fatty, but still full of flavour, even if you skip the foie gras butter. From its peppery crust to its juicy, bright red centre, the unadorned sirloin offers bite after bite of pleasure. Dip your generous pile of piping hot frites into the mild and rich truffle aioli for an almost out-of-body experience. Those who aren’t afraid of a little raw meat will be interested in the steak tartare appetizer, mixed with cornichon, housemade pickles and grilled crostini. While the entire menu is impressive, the steak steals the show, whether just a simple ribeye or a complicated appetizer. -Sydnee Bryant

9940 106 St., 780-429-2828,



Top sirloin. Bottom Sirloin. Garlic steak. Prime rib. House cut. Chicken thighs wrapped in bacon. Pork sausage. Parmesan pork. Lamb. It begs the question: Is there any cut of meat this Brazilian rodzio grill couldn’t perfect with little more than some rock salt over a charcoal fire? A 10-ounce at your local steakhouse might lose its charm after the first 20 minutes, but Pampa’s conveyor belt of two-bite portions makes sure that every mouthful is as hot and juicy as the first. All that’s required is a reservation and the sense to know when to stop.  -Caleb Caswell

9929 109 St., 780-756-7030,

Honourable Mention


This out-of-the-way restaurant offers high-end cuisine in an elegant setting. Acclaimed executive chef Christophe Ithurritze, one of Discovery Channel’s Great Chefs of America, offers a diverse menu, but the steaks are his crowning glory. The beef striploin is decadent with whipped potatoes and a veal demi-glace. But the eight-ounce Spring Creek filet mignon is his masterpiece. This baseball-sized steak is grilled to lock in all the juicy goodness. Unaccompanied, save for some simple vegetables, the filet mignon speaks for itself. -S.B.

300 East Lapotac Blvd., Enoch, 780-930-2636,

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