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It is said that Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity. It is where mankind may have originated. So one can’t help but to treat Ethiopian cuisine with ceremony – as though each bite is honouring the history of us all. Luckily, Langano Skies honours its food in much the same way. There are no accommodations made to the traditions of the West. When you dine here, you dine as they do in Ethiopia – which means you feast sans silverware.

And that’s half the fun. Order from a menu filled with curried dishes, spiced meats and lentils, served on and with injera, a crepe-like bread made from teff flour, which contains teff grass, barley and whole wheat flour. The injera is your new best friend as it now serves as your plate and your utensil. Use the injera as a wrap for your food and the flavours mesh as they were intended. The curried yebeg tibs  – curried lamb sauteed with onions, tomatoes, nitir kibeh (a clarified butter) and spices – is good on its own, but fold it up in the injera and it takes on new life, making you wonder if the cradle of humanity may have been the cradle of sandwich wraps as well. –Cory Haller

9920 82 Ave., 780-432-3334,


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