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Given that Rosso is classified as a pizzeria, it’s no surprise that the pizza is the main draw – and it doesn’t disappoint. When faced with the two categories – pizza rosso or pizza bianca – we opt for one of each.

Its namesake pizza, the Rosso, is packed with heat – spicy soppressata, hot Italian sausage, hot peppers and chili oil. Once you get used to the spice, the flavours of the mozzarella and taleggio cheeses come through – the fior di latte‘s creaminess and the tang of the taleggio perfectly complement the spicy elements.

The Funghi Misti is a complete change of pace, yet equally delicious. It’s topped with many strongly flavoured ingredients, from truffle oil to roasted garlic, yet they don’t compete – they work together impeccably. The result is a pizza that is earthy and complex.

The crust, of course, is impeccable on both. What else would you expect from a wood-fired oven? –A.S.

8738 109 St., 780-433-5382,



The first thing you see when you step into Ragazzi is a window into the kitchen, offering a peek at the chefs twirling pizza dough. They’re working hard, but still make time to call out a greeting like you’ve just arrived for a family dinner.

While it’s easy to pile endless toppings on a crust, the simplest pies are often the hardest to execute. Ragazzi’s Pizza Margherita is flawless – flavourful tomato sauce sprinkled with parmesan and then dotted with mozzarella and fresh basil. That’s it – that’s all you need. The Godfather’s Choice, one of its most popular pies, is hard to pass up, and you’ll be sorry if you do. It’s spicy and loaded with prosciutto and capicollo.  –A.S.

8110 82 Ave., 780-414-0500,



Going to Tony’s is like stepping into a time machine, when going to a “pizza parlour” was a family treat. You don’t go to Tony’s for gourmet toppings or Thai- or Mexican-themed pizzas; you go there for great pies loaded with fresh mozzarella, tangy sauce and Italian meat. Tony’s has been the Edmonton pizza standard-bearer for decades; ask any longtime Edmontonian where to go for pizza, and chances are he or she will say “Tony’s.” Go for the New York style when you get there; one bite and you might wonder who the hell thought that Cajun chicken or avocadoes on pizza was a good idea in the first place. –S.S.

9605 111 Ave., 780-424-8777,

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