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Because of the 124th Street location’s proximity to the Avenue offices, pretty much anybody here could write about why Credo is the best cafe in the city. But the reasons for that are about much more than just location, location, location.

Whether on 124th Street or at the original on 104th Street, Credo has the jolt of caffeine you need to get your engine going in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up. The espresso drinks are lovingly crafted by hand, and the pour-over coffee is well worth the extra time it takes to brew a cup.

To go along with your coffee, Credo offers fresh-baked brownies, muffins, cookies and granola bars. And if coffee’s not your thing, Credo still has you covered with loose-leaf tea from The TeaGuy and juices from Glow Juicery. Jacek chocolates are available to satisfy your sweet tooth. All in all, Credo has everything you want to make the most of your coffee break. –Glenn Cook 

10134 104 St./10350 124 St., 780-761-3744, 



What Leva lacks is all the coffee shop clichs; there’s no twangy folk music, no art for sale on the walls and you don’t have to wait and wait to find a seat because six people are banging away on their laptops, writing their next great novels.

The atmosphere at Leva is decidedly upbeat. It’s a bright, airy space with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the Garneau streetscape. The music is more Euro-disco than folk, and a creamy cappuccino or a smooth latte can be accompanied by the tiramisu that comes served in a coffee cup. Leva breaks every coffee shop stereotype save for one: the fact it serves a fine series of Italian coffees. –Steven Sandor

11053 86 Ave., 780-479-5382,


Transcend Coffee 

Poul Mark, owner of Transcend Coffee, has scoured the world for the perfect coffee bean. In the end, he has found many that meet his standards for acidity, sweetness and mouth-feel. Once transported back home to Transcend’s Edmonton headquarters, the beans are roasted and ready to distribute to each of its three locations.

That’s just where the journey begins, though, because when Edmontonians are treated to the final product in the form of an Americano, a latte or any number of other coffee delights, there’s always a chance to discover the perfect bean for yourself. –Cory Haller

9869 82 Ave., 780-430-9198 / 8708 109 St., 780-756-8882 / 10359B 104 St., 780-425-5585,

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