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Avenue Best Restaurants 2016

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This year, the reigning champ in the Best Latin category, Tres Carnales, has fallen to second place thanks to its younger sister, Rostizado. To be fair, it’s not likely that either restaurant would consider its placement a bad thing. For years, Tres Carnales served the city with familiar taco delights, but now Rostizado has made a splash across Edmonton – and the nation – with its Mexican homestyle dishes. And bringing something new to the Latin cuisine experience is likely one of the reasons Rostizado has moved in to first.

The authentic menu boasts savoury and well-seasoned roasted meats (including last year’s much anticipated addition of beef to the menu), some of the city’s best churros and tantalizing, flavour-forward side dishes inspired by the little-replicated culinary creations of the interior of Mexico. But the real fun is in the lively decor and the food served family-style, encouraging diners to share with their friends and interact with more than just the food – which admittedly, is really hard to ignore. –Cory Haller

#102, 10359 104 St., 780-761-0911,


Tres Carnales 

What co-owner Daniel Braun refers to simply as the “taco shop” was the spot that began a Mexican cuisine revolution in this city. After the launch of Tres Carnales, we’ve seen a boom in Mexican spots – and Edmonton is better for it.

But Tres Carnales is anchored in the Best Latin list because it combines gourmet panache with down-home cooking. Traditional Mexican recipes are honoured with subtle, modern touches. And the Tres Carnales fish taco – well, it still reigns as the city’s best. During the 2015 Women’s World Cup, I referred many of the visiting journalists to Tres Carnales. I got a few solid thank-yous for it. –Steven Sandor

10119 100A St., 780-429-0911,


Huma Mexican Comfort 

Huma was one of the most welcome additions to the Latin food scene last year in that it is likely the most authentic Mexican dining experience in the city. Even smelling the food as you walk into the brightly coloured restaurant – filled with sugar skulls, photographs and decidedly Mexican-themed decor – evokes memories of eateries south of the United States.

If you need proof of how spot-on this family-owned Mexican restaurant is with their cuisine, I recommend trying the tortilla soup. Despite how easy some believe it is to make, there aren’t many restaurants in town that can pack the spice, full-flavoured broth and expert crunch into a bowl like Huma does. –Cory Haller

9880 63 Ave., 780-433-9229,

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