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Best Restaurants 2017

Photography Curtis Comeau


The Next Act

The Next Act always secures a spot on the list for best burger; it’s PB&J, The Critic and The Act are all legendary performers on the stage that is the plate. But, this year, it’s being recognized by our judges for all that this restaurant does between bread, including its rotating weekly creation listed as the week’s “Cameo.” The Cameo itself is a reason for diners to visit each week, with new ideas, old favourites and experiments in flavour combinations.

But one such Cameo, the Meat brisket donair, made such a splash with diners that it’s become a permanent cast member on the The Next Act’s menu. The 2016 twist on one of Edmonton’s nearest and dearest street foods is made in collaboration with the Next Act’s sister restaurant, Meat, using its smoked brisket rather than donair meat. The restaurant also adds a healthy helping of feta to the traditional sweet donair sauce, red onion, diced tomatoes, lettuce and then serves it on naan bread. It’s familiar, but updated, proving that there’s been at least one reboot in 2016 worth the effort. –Cory Haller

8224 104 St., 780-433-9345,


The Local Omnivore

I’m not sure how, if he were still with us, legendary Hollywood tough guy Lee Marvin would feel about The Big Red One, a sandwich which shares the name of one of his most famous films.

But, if space allowed, I could give at least a Dirty Dozen reasons why this sandwich is one of Edmonton’s best. The smoked corned beef is pretty darn rich, and it’s cut nicely by a honey mustard that offers both sweetness and tang. It is definitely not for the diet-conscious. This one should not only leave you stuffed at lunch, it should tide you over for dinner. –Steven Sandor

10933 120 St., 780-660-1051,



How do you select a favourite sandwich at a venue that is constantly changing its menu? You don’t. Instead we applaud Farrow for its ability to continuously conjure up innovative sandwiches, from the creative combination of ingredients to the pun-filled names. The Grick-Middle is a mainstay that has a fried egg, sangudo bacon, smoked “cheddah” (cheddar), rosemary aioli and arugula sandwiched between fresh Portuguese-style buns. It’s greasy and it’s messy – but that’s exactly what we want in a breakfast sammie that’s going to cure a hangover. –Jasmine Salazar

8422 109 St., 780-757-4160,

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