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Best Restaurants 2017

Photography Curtis Comeau


The Lingnan

What we know in Canada as Chinese food is a hybrid of Western invention and Asian influence. What we see as Chinese food might raise eyebrows in Beijing or Shanghai. That being said, it doesn’t mean Western Chinese cuisine isn’t addictive. It is. And the best representation of it can be found at one of Edmonton’s longest-standing restaurants. At The Lingnan, the sauces are addictive, the platters of chicken, pork and beef are plentiful. The variety of chicken dishes alone, from triple mushroom to black bean to Cantonese lemon, gives you a reason to visit The Lingnan, winner of this category for the second year in a row,  over and over.Steven Sandor

10582 104 St., 780-426-3975,


Beijing Beijing

The south-side Beijing Beijing is an airy spot for dim sum but you can also look at the menu and decide to enjoy some of the chef’s specialties, from hot pots to a spicy green-bean side dish that’s oh so addictive. It’s a seafood place, so you can enjoy lobster served in a variety of ways. But the best way to enjoy Beijing Beijing is to go in a group of six or more, and order one of the full dinners. A Peking duck dinner takes the better part of the evening, with all of the courses taking time to enjoy. Or go for the full seafood dinner with lobster, crab and tilapia. Remember not to flip the fish when serving tilapia to the table; that’s asking for bad luck. And the milky broth of the fish maw soup is best enjoyed with a healthy dose of red-wine vinegar.Steven Sandor

3803 Calgary Trail, 780-430-7720, 


Shanghai 456

As it is located where the neighbourhoods meet the industrial parks along 118th Avenue, Shanghai 456 is one of Edmonton’s hidden gems – though “diamond in the rough” may be a more appropriate term. The restaurant serves what is arguably the best Shanghainese cuisine in the city. While the noodles are always good, and the pork belly is succulent and cooked to melt-in-your-mouth, satisfying perfection, the real stars on the menu are the hard-to-find-in-Edmonton dumplings. This includes the dish that leads diners to search out Shanghai 456: The xiao long bao, a plump, juicy, soup dumpling filled with minced pork. –Cory Haller

14456 118 Ave., 780-451-8333,

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