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November 13, 2019

Best Chocolate

Best Restaurants 2017

Photography Curtis Trent


On special occasions, I will go to the downtown location and select chocolates that are then carefully placed in the beautiful sky blue and brown box, a Jacek signature. I will then give them to my wife, who may, in kind, let me have one or two. It’s a gift that never gets old; because Jacqueline Jacek and her team introduce new flavours every season, it’s never a case of the same old, same old. In 2015, we loved the champagne and dark chocolate concoction, with a wonderful floral design on top. At Christmas of 2016, the pear and white wine ganache, found inside a crescent of chocolate under a beautiful, shimmering green shell, well, that was the bomb. So, thank you, Jacek, for making the kind of beautiful, edible treats that you can always bring home to your special someone. Maybe if you’re lucky, that special someone will share; but you will totally understand if the answer is no. Steven Sandor

10140 104 St., 780-705-9927, jacekchocolate.com

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