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Best Restaurants 2017

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Huma Mexican Comfort

Huma breaks all the restaurant rules. Its location is lousy, in an Argyll strip mall that’s best known for… adult entertainment. It has a massive menu, which usually means quantity over quality.

But, like a great punk-rock band, Huma is excellent despite the fact that it breaks the rules. Mexican street food, home-cooked specialties and sandwiches so big, they can be seen from space, that’s what will come at you. Feel brave? The Cemitas Lucha Libre sees either beef tongue or spicy pork, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, fresh cheese and avocado jammed inside a homemade bun. It’s the stuff of extreme eating competitions, yet so delicious.

The tortilla soup is zesty and flavourful; go with a large group and mix and match the different taco varieties. And, then take in the strange (and anatomically correct) dioramas that can be found in the restaurant. Never have stick men been so creepy. –Steven Sandor

9880 63 Ave., 780-433-9229,



At Rostizado – the sister restaurant to Tres Carnales – you’ll find traditional Mexican dishes redolent of abuela‘s cooking, but with a modern twist. Here, staple ingredients and dishes are paired with non-traditional flavours such as a ceviche made with spiced coconut milk or frijoles (pinto beans) in a house-cured bacon broth. It’s that inventive twist on old-world traditions that makes Rostizado a mainstay in the Best Latin category. But, the specialty here, which sets Rostizado apart from its contenders, is its delectable seasoned roasted meats that are meant to be shared, family style. Add the long communal tables, cerveza and lively atmosphere, and you’ll feel like you’re dining at abuela‘s house. Jasmine Salazar

#102, 10359 104 St., 780-761-0911,  


Tres Carnales

The Mexican restaurant scene has exploded since Tres Carnales first opened its doors six years ago. (Has it really been six years?)

But, despite all the new additions we’ve seen over the last several years, Tres Carnales continues to make the finest tacos in the city. The fish taco is still one of the best I’ve ever had – and I get fish tacos wherever and whenever I can. It’s brash, loud, filled with Mexican pop-culture decor and the swells of loud music, and it can hold up to any taco stand that I’ve been to in Los Angeles or Mexico. And that’s a statement. –Steven Sandor

10119 100A St., 780-429-0911,

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