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Seoul Fried Chicken

The minute you walk in to Chef Jake Lee’s Seoul Fried Chicken (SFC), it’s apparent that this is a to-go spot. I mean, yes, there are a few tables and a small bar, but, in such a small space, the restaurant can’t hope to seat all the patrons standing in line to get their Korean fried chicken fixes. Luckily, it seems this was all part of the plan for SFC as the restaurant packs its meals in easy-to-carry pizza-style boxes. So after choosing one of the seven flavours of chicken – each expertly brined to be plump, juicy and flavourful – and trying your hand at the sides (like the crispy corn fritters or fries), you can take that meal out the door to your favourite outdoor or indoor spot to chow down. It also helps that a five-piece set includes chicken, a side, a salad and a drink for only $11, giving each patron a healthy portion to take out and mow down on. –Cory Haller

7904 104 St., 780-761-3616,



If you’re worried about the long queues at Farrow – don’t; owners Justin Benson and Laine Cherkewick are quick in serving up their
gourmet-style sandwiches. Practising a “fast food” attitude, emphasized by the scarcity of seating options inside the minuscule space, Farrow offers a rotating menu of four sandwich options with extremely witty names. There’s the Mark Zuck-iniberg; a veggie sandwich with roasted zucchini, vegan dijonaise, roast potato, banana peppers, balsamic glaze and arugula. Or, the Pork Some Sugar On Me with hoisin pulled pork, chow mein noodles, sesame slaw, green onions and pork sauce. But, by the time you read this, those sandwiches will be long gone and replaced with a whole new crew of sammies to nosh on, so make sure to visit often. –Jasmine Salazar

8422 109 St., 780-757-4160,


Elm Cafe

If you like super-sized menus with pages and pages of options, you won’t like Elm Cafe. The whiteboard menu lists about five sandwiches per day, a combination of “earlies” – which feature fried eggs – and lunch sandwiches, and it switches up the lineup every few days. The only way to know what Elm Cafe is serving is to check its Twitter account but, even then, the item you crave might just be sold out by the time you get there – you have to take the risk and order from what’s there. If you’re the type of person who will happily try anything from the menu, however, then Elm might be the perfect place for you. –Adrianna Szenthe

10140 117 St., 780-756-3356, 

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