Party Crasher: Edmonton Human Rights Awards

Honouring the city’s human rights champions.

On Dec. 9, the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights honoured individuals, businesses and organizations “who make our community a fair and safe place to work and live,” according to Carrie Malloy, organizer of the Edmonton Human Rights Awards.

The casual event – always held on or around Dec. 10 to mark the day 48 UN members approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 – was held inside city hall’s lobby and gave awards to an array of recipients. “We try to have people nominate outside of the box,” said Malloy, pointing to Claire Edwards, winner of 2011’s youth category because she successfully lobbied her high school to become free of plastic water bottles.

From left to right:  Ilyass Mahfoud and Amson Saintime

From left to right: Lewis Cardinal and Rene and Alexander Vaugeois

From left to right: Roxanne Ulanicki and Elexis Schloss

From left to right: Marion Brenner and Robert Gardner

From left to right: Melissa Morrison and Skylar Maclise

From left to right: Zenobia Jamal and Azim Jeraj

From left to right: Laila Jamal and Salma Lakhani

From left to right: Yankam Christian, Charly Mubiala and Samuel Kabuya

From left to right: Amy Lambe and Jim Gurnett

From left to right: Claire Edwards

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